1Corinth 9:24-27

Understand that your crown you want to get offend satan and wants to content and oppose you not to get that crown.

Revelation 3:11

Satan made a grave mistake, because of pride. Isiah 14:1-17

Ezekiel 28: 12 -17. The glory satan lost makes him furious

Apart from beauty the crown of life have other important benefits

Nothing can be more important to humans than a restful soul. When your soul lack rest, you do what it takes to find rest for your soul.

For example –a small sore in any part of your body, will disturb your soul because such pain riches the soul or rather the heart.

Your conscious will be troubled in such a way that you will not be able relax and rest because there is a problem somewhere

Your soul needs tranquility,  your soul need peace, and your soul need  love

Your crown in God will give you tranquility, peace and love for ever and ever and ever –understand that it is only God that can give your soul this important aspects of life.

You will agree that certain things in life are of critical importance, you will do what it takes for comfort and self-worth.

The beauty which satan had gave him self-worth –but now he lost the self –worth and also the comfort.

You cannot afford to lose comfort and think that you will be fine

You cannot afford to lose your self-worth, because than life will be meaningless to you


We look for employment / Job or start a business because we value self-worth

Some also might find comfort in many things, cattle, children, money

But after this life we are now, the comfort and self-worth can only be found in Jesus.

You better look for this comfort now.

The women with an issue of blood is a wonderful example how to look for comfort

I gave an example before of a person who is restless because of a pain somewhere.

In the book of Luke  8:43 -48, is a woman who had a restless soul because of a sickness she was suffering from.

The bible says that for twelf years this woman suffered from the issue of blood. Despite the long period she could not get use to this sickness…her soul was not at rest

The bible says that no one could hill her , despite her effort, she went to the best physicians, including witch doctors because she was desperate-her soul need rest but no one could 

The bible says that she spend all that she had, all her money, chicken goats to get healing, because her soul needed rest.

Don’t take it for granted, perfect rest for the soul is in Christ.

When we are talking about the crown that God will give, it is a crown that will give rest to your soul first of all –understand that church.

That is the reason why it is dangerous to miss rapture, because the comfort we have now is because of mercy and that by design when God created, all was good until when satan entered the world but otherwise we still have the comfort. The Holy Spirit is still here

Thank God, He is still here, when the anti-Christ will be given the opportunity to rule, forget about the restful soul.

We can no longer afford to be ignotant

We have many biblical example of people who were ignorant about the important facts of life and who dealt ignorantly

 Esau (genesis 25 & 27)

Lack of understanding cost Esau dearly. He did not understand the benefits of the first born.

Esau was careless, he was carried away by the physical need of hunger and he exchange a more precious crown of being the custodian of the Covenant Presence. Jacob has understanding and he capitalized on the ignorance of his brother

He tricked him because Esau had a pressing need, and that was just a perfect opportunity to get something more precious from his brother who did not understand what can give his soul rest

When Esau realized the importance of birth right he lost or gave away for food (you will not give away my birth right in Christ by any means in the name of Jesus)

Esau cried for the blessings

Understand church –that it is not about what the world classified as success –but it is about a crown of life, that will give rest to your soul

Don’t be a billionaire without the presence of God.

Esau was not poor in material things, he had cattle’s in big numbers, goats in big numbers, wives and servants. Now you ask yourselves will his souls rest in God after this life.

The case of Saul losing the kingdom

The case of Saul is a very interesting one also.

We know that at first Saul was shunning to be made king, Saul was hiding and people have to look for him, but eventually became King with the blessing of God who chose him.

But when he was sacked because of disobedience, his soul lacked peace because the presence of God left him.

Saul later have to find ways and means to deal with an evil spirit which came to trouble him from time to time.

David who had the presence of God, was the one who came to give him temporal peace when he was singing for him

The stubbornness of Cain

In the book of Geneses 4:

God love Cain and God even talk to him, worn him to stop coveting and improve his life.

Cain did not listen to the advice of God and he went ahead and slew his brother because of jealousy.

After sinning, Cain became a vagabond, wondering around without rest because he was far from the presence of God.

In conclusion

Attitude aspects that can hinder you from the crown

Guard against against ignorance of spiritual matters, they are everlasting compared to the physical

Guard against the love of money or material things to a point of forgetting about eternity, you are going there anywhere

Guard against stubbornness, you are not in control of your future

Guard against prayerlessness, for the enemy of your comfort is ever at work to stop you

Guard against, cold –heartedness towards God, your love for God must  grow stronger because your comfort is in God

Guard against temptation: James1: 12

Guard against pride  1Peter 5: 5 -11(4)