Speaker Bishop Elizabeth Arowolo

If you are worried about last and all that had happened to you, I have news for you, last year has passed with all its trouble. You must be hopeful; you must lift up your eyes to the Lord – (Ps. 121) with great expectation. Remember the entrance of God’s word give lift and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Never dwell on old problems you had before you gave your life to Christ. 2 Cor. 5:17 Col. 2:13-15

You must be filled with thanksgiving to God the father by whose mercy you have been promoted into His Kingdom Col. 1:12-13. This is why Paul says we need to be filled with the knowledge of His will Col. 1:9-11, So forget about all the old garment. It is a new year new garment, Forget about all that garment of shame, dishonor, disgrace, misfortune, joblessness and bareness or poverty and sickness

New wine must be put into new bottles says Jesus, You cannot use new cloth to patch an old garment Revelation 21:3-5 . This is God’s will, to make you His temple, full of power, full of faith and full of glory. God always wants to sanctify His people so He can bless them, He wants to wipe away all our tears and sorrows, He wants to take away our pains, He wants to take away a new experience, Start by putting on the garment of praise.

Garments of holiness and glory, Garment of dominion authority and royal fruitfulness. Anyone talking about last year and its old garment should be stopped, Tell them no, I’m putting on my new garments only. God wants you to put on your new garment of blessings, favor, dominion and prosperity in the new year

This will bring Him glory and attract more souls into His Kingdom 2 Cor. 2:14. The enemies will not mock or despise us in this New Year in Jesus name. Angels are standing beside you to change your garments, Today they must remove from you all the old garments. Garments of sin, diseases, trouble. Garment of stagnancy, disfavor and delay in marriage, all shall be removed today. Garment of crisis and shameful confused life will be removed in Jesus name.

Then they will put in you the garment of dominion prosperity and peace, Garment of grace, mercy and favor, Garment of holiness and praises

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