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He has risen

Song : Because he Lives

It’s not about the bunny its about the Lamb that was slain

Scripture Reference: 1 Corinthians 15: 1-26

Brief talk on the Passover

  • John 11: 25 >> He is the resurrection and the life
  • Revelation 13: 8 >> The lamb that was slain before the foundation of the earth
  • The third day
    • Genesis 1: the Lord caused the earth to appear and the waters to gather in a single place. He caused the earth to produce grass, trees and plants
    • Geneses 22: 4>> Abraham sees the place where he is supposed to crucify Isaac
    • Exodus 19: 11 >> the Lord will come down on mount Sinai in the sight of all the people
    • 2 Kings 20: 5 >> When Hezekiah was healed the Lord said on the third day you shall go into the house of the Lord
    • Esther 5: 1 >> on the 3rd day Esther went before the king and the golden scepter was stretched out to her
  • I don’t have to wait for easter to experience resurrection in my life
  • Jesus did what no other man has done, he conquered death
  • There are 10 resurrections that are recorded in the bible:
  1. The Widow of Zarephath’s son: 1 Kings 17: 17-24
  2. The son of the Shunamite woman: 2 Kings 4: 11-37
  3. A Moabite: 2 Kings 13: 20-21
  4. Many people were raised from the dead when Jesus was raised from the dead: Matthew 27 vs 51-53
  5. The widow of Nain’s son: Luke 7: 11-15
  6. Jairos’s Daughter: Luke 8: 50-56
  7. Lazarus resurrection: John 11: 38-44
  8. Tabitha: Acts 9: 36-42
  9. The resurrection of Eutychus: Acts 20: 7-12
  10. Jesus Christ: 1 Corinthians 15:20
  • When all the first nine people that resurrected from the dead died again, that is why the scripture says that Jesus is the first fruits from the resurrection
  • When Jesus rose from the dead he never died again
  • Because Christ is the first fruits of the resurrection of the dead it means that we follow what Christ did, if we die we will not die again, we will have eternal life
  • When Jesus Christ was buried it signifies that the Lord Jesus took all our sins and he buried them never to be remembered again but people will still remember your sins
  • Some religions teach that when you die its over
  • 1 Corinthians 15 vs 55 >> oh death were is thy sting
  • The devil had control over death before Jesus came
  • The resurrection of Jesus was the greatest evidence that mans’ sin was solved
  • If Jesus Christ did not rise from the dead the sin problem would not have been solved
  • The resurrection of Jesus was the greatest promise of hope. If Jesus did not come back from the grave we would have no hope
  • The resurrection of Jesus was the greatest proof that death had lost its power. Death has power especially when one of your loved ones has died and you cry and do all sorts of things that they don’t come alive
  • The resurrection is a confirmation of he’s Christ position Matthew 16: 13 – 18
  • The resurrection of Jesus as the King was evidence that He had authority over death
  • Jesus destroyed death with death
  • Do you know that the unfathomable power of the risen Christ has shattered the power of death which is known to be the last enemy of man? This power is also at your disposal to wield against the spirit of death haunting your life.
  • Death was defeated the day Jesus rose from the dead. The resurrection morning marked the defeat of death.


Mark 16 vs 1-8

  • The wanted to through Jesus over the cliff
  • He was told that he is performing miracles using the power of the devil
  • He ate with the one that betrayed him
  • Betrayed by a kiss
  • They brought a group of officers from the priest to arrest him
  • Peter denies Jesus 3 times
  • He was struck on he’s cheek by one of the soldiers as Jesus was answering the High priest
  • They tied he’s hands as if he was a prisoner
  • Pilate saw no fault in Jesus but still went ahead to crucify him because of what the people wanted
  • When Pilate asked if he should release Jesus or Barabbas (a murderer and one that was rebellious) they chose Barabbas
  • He was scourged or whipped by the soldiers (the whip had bones and metal components) – these would tare up the flesh of Jesus
  • They put on Jesus a purple robe
  • They put on Him a crown of thorns
  • The shouted Hail King of the jews mocking him
  • And they beat him with their hands
  • He was crucified between 2 thieves
  • Pilate put an inscription on the cross that read “Jesus of Nazareth the king of the jews”
  • The soldiers shared the clothes of Jesus
  • When Jesus was thirsty they gave him a sponge with vinegar to drink from it
  • As the Lord Jesus was dead a soldier came and thrust the spear on he’s side
  • They were mocking Jesus
  • They blind folded him and beat him and said to him prophecy and tell us who beat you
  • They spoke many blasphemous things to Jesus
  • The people that witnessed this event started saying he saved others why can’t he save himself? Including one of the other thieves
  • Always accused by the pharisees and Sadducees for doing wrong things even though he was helping people


Prayer of repentance and rededication:

Lord Jesus, I confess my sins and ask for your forgiveness. Pleasecome into my heart as my Lord and savior. Take complete control of my life and help me to walk in your footsteps daily by the power of the Holy Ghost. Thank you Lord for saving me!

  1. I withdraw anything representing me from every evil altar, in the name of Jesus.
  2. Let every internal coffin in my life receive the fire of God and be roasted now, in the name of Jesus.
  3. Every destiny-paralysing power fashioned against my destiny, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.
  4. Every inherited evil limitation in any area of my life, depart now, in the mighty name of Jesus.
  5. Every architect of spiritual coffins, I command you to fall down and die, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  6. My buried goodness, come forth now, in the name of Jesus.
  7. Every good area in my life that the enemy has denied breakthroughs, receive resurrection power now, in Jesus’ name.
  8. I refuse to enter into any satanic coffin constructed for my sake, in the name of Jesus.
  9. Father, Let your resurrection power come upon my life in the mighty name of Jesus.
  10. I bind every spirit of death hovering around my life in the mighty name of Jesus.
  11. I command every dead organ in my body to jerk back to life now!!!in the name of Jesus.
  12. Every evil hand laid on my unborn child receive the thunder and the fire of God and be totally consumed in the name of Jesus.
  13. I reject every spirit of death and the grave, in the name of Jesus.
  14. I declare supernatural resurrection of every good that has died in my life in the name of Jesus.
  15. I separate myself off from every spirit of death in the name of Jesus.
  16. I separate myself off from every evil curse of death , in Jesus’ name.
  17. Everything purchased by the blood of Jesus and that is still missing in my life, come alive now by fire!!! in Jesus’ name.
  18. let the power of resurrection invade every prison-tomb encasing my destiny and uproot my buried glory to shine again in Jesus’ name.
  19. I relocate my destiny by fire from the tomb of failure to the mountain of glory, in Jesus’ name!
  20. Everything that Jesus my lord died for to make me free and partake of all blessings, begin to manifest in my life now!!! in the name of Jesus.

Holy Communion

1 Corinthians 11:23-26 >>

Benefits of Holy Communion

  1. Draws you closer to God. When you spend time thinking about what the bread and wine symbolize it makes you love God even more and want to be close to him.
  2. It’s a time for repentance. True repentance means to turn around and go the other way so if you are asking God to forgive you for a wrong, then stay strong.
  3. Time for a new beginning. The cup represents a new covenant because of His blood sacrifice. Start your life anew with this communion.
  4. Benefits of healing. Some people have received healing when taking communion. By Jesus stripes, we were healed according to the bible.
  5. It is a coverage for divine protection


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