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God saw it was not Good

Genesis 2:

Creation was almost completed, but a very important role player, was missing, the woman, the mother to be.

Tell your neighbour, if she is female, God had you as a mother in mind.

God gave a very strong statement that it was not good for a man to be alone.

Even God saw that it was not good, and He needed to fix the problem by creating a woman and all became good.

She was more accomplished and was as a result loaded with qualities that were lacking in a man which were necessary to make life meaningful to Adam.

The mistakes we do most often is to overlook or even disregard the blessings of God in our lives when we fail to see the roles played by mothers in life.

Every man, every girl child and every boy child who took time to reflect on the roles their mother played will agree.

When and how do you recognise the role played by your mother

But today we have such an opportunity to reflect on the roles of mothers, in our lives, society and nation at large, -to all mothers we say thank you.

For every opportunity we have missed to thank you, on behalf of many may we take this opportunity to say thank you.

We also want to appreciate and thank God for what he has done, for creating mothers, a well calculated move indeed.

All of us today has this opportunity not thank God for mothers in our lives.

Their contribution will not go unnoticed.

Let us reflect a little bit on that.

From conception to the time of birth.

From the time of birth to the leaving home.

Me Laila………….

Even in marriage, the role of motherhood continues

There is a common joke shared often

Whether true or not I dint know, but judge for yourselves.

A daughter once asks and wanted to know what marriage was all about

There mother gave a very mind engaging answer

She responded and told the girl

“Marriage is taking care of another woman’s son who refuses to grow up”

I think there is some truth in the mother’s response

Common examples

But I also think that was what God had in mind at the beginning of creation and came up with a definite decision to create a woman, in order for the man to be complete.

In the book of Mark 1:29 – 31

The mother-in-law of Simon was very sick lying-in bed

They informed Jesus about her condition.

Jesus healed her and immediately after her healing

She rose and started to cook and serve them

Women are home makers, when they are around, the house is warm and refreshed, they make home habitable.

The responsibility to make or destroy the home is on the woman

Provebs 14:1

The responsibility is squarely placed on the shoulder of a woman to build or pluck up the home.

Women of substance do the right things and they build up their homes.

By so doing just know that you are honouring God.

The destiny of a family and nations are largely on women who understand who they are in the Lord.

You can not mention Israel without mentioning Sara because of her conduct.

Sara obeyed the husband in the fear of the Lord and became the mother to many.

1 Peter 3:1 – 6

Ragab was a prostitute and chose the way of God as a result safeguarded her life and the destiny of her family.

Josua chapter 2

Abigail and David

1Samuel 25:

To all mothers, Continue in the works of love.

Your work will not go unnoticed

Your pains and perseverance will not go unnoticed

We might not or people might not have given you full recognition of what you go through to keep your families going

Don’t get discouraged, God sees and is the only one who can reward you.

We know it is not easy, but continue to do it prayerfully

Your reward is a certainty 2Corinth: 5:10

To all mothers, be encouraged today,

Proverb 31: 10 -31


We see a woman of substance and it is very commendable

Every woman must emulate the standard of proverb 31 in the bible

Understand that you are a blessing and never look down on your God given qualities.

Happy mothers day in the name of Jesus.

Prayer points

Today is thanksgiving day unto God for all the mothers in our lives.

1 Timothy 2:15 The bible says that woman will be saved in childbearing

Pray for all unsaved mothers to be saved.

Pray that God will wipe away all tears from the mothers today.

Revelation 12

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