Luke 13:22-30

I hope our desire is heaven because any other desire fades overtime.

What is a gate?

Is a place of control and screening if it is not your own

 A door represent security-you open and close for  safety

It can be a limitation to restrain from moving forward

Door and gates are very important, our homes have them

Example of poachers, drug traffickers

When you act against the law, you lose your rights and you lose your confidence and dignity.

Desire to into the narrow gate Jesus is talking about with confidence, Jesus is telling us today, me and you

Tell yourself, this is my message, I will listen

Among all your desires in life always remember the gate one need to pass through for continuity of life

It is the gate that will give life after death, just as there is a second death, there is also a second life

What makes the gate narrow is that very few people will be going that direction as compared to the gate of demnation

Revelation 20: 11-15

What you do now on this earth will qualify you or it will disqualify you, because a record is kept in the books written. What is written is about us who are  on earth now.

 Jesus is saying that this gate is narrow Prepare to enter into the narrow gate

You will not enter by nepotism

There will be no back door arrangements

No bribery

Who will qualify to enter the narrow gate of heaven?

Those who find Christ and remain in Christ and transformed by the gospel of Christ.

The word of God says we must strive as much to enter-is not easy access

Many will desire but will not be able to enter

The calling of God has its own standards, not man’s standards

Psalm 15:1-5

This Psalm-sums it all up for us-God is talking and setting the standard

Let the heart speak truth…………Psalm 19:14 –Reveletion 21:8

Do not backbite with the tongue…………Isiah6:5, James 3: 1 & 6

Love your neighbor……………………………Luke 10:25-37 /1Corinth 13: 8

Love the Lord…………………….Math 10: 37-39

Do not fail to pay your vow you made to God……………Ecclesiastes 5: 4-6

The warning is directed to all of us because the time is at hand

Jesus said that no one knows the time because He will come as a thief.

Math 24: 36-41

 We might not know the hour but we know the season

The Lord Jesus made us to know the season when will see certain signs.

Luke 21: 5-36

Daniel saw it-God reveal it to Daniel( Daniel 12:1-4)

4th industrial revolution will bring pain

The chip is already introduced

1Thesalonians 5:1-10

2Peter 3:8-14

John 12:46-50

Judgement is already programmed in the written word. That means it cannot be reversed unless we are the ones to adjust around the written judgment. All is set

Whether you are a teachers of the word –prepare to enter, we are told the gate is narrow

Whether you are a preacher of the word, prepare to enter, we are told the gate is narrow.

Whether you are in the choir-prepare to enter, we are told the gate is narrow. 

 Whether you are a free agent, freelancer, hear today –all need to go somewhere, the world will not remain forever –prepare, Jesus says that the gate where life is, is narrow.

Jesus is ready to take away your sins today, if you are still alive you have hope- He has the power -Luke 5: 24

Act 4: 12

Revelation 6:1 17

Let us give our lives to Jesus and rededicate ourselves to Him.

Prayer of confession


Heavenly father, have mercy upon my soul

I refuse to trade my soul with satan or with this world

If there is anything satan is using against me –be consume by the fire of the Holy Ghost-in the name of Jesus


Jesus, jesus, Jeeesus

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