<strong>The season of Spiritual lifting and empowerment.</strong>

The season of Spiritual lifting and empowerment. 23/10/22

Isiah 59: 1 -21

John:14: 16 -18

Empowerment Act 1:8 /Gen 1: 1-2

We are in the season of Spiritual elevation because of iniquity and spiritual attack. Math 24:12

Iniquity has reached flood levels- and if God does not do something now, many will be flooded by evil, but children of God you need to stand, provided you do all the necessary moves what it takes to stand.

We all need a new level of spiritual empowerment because of what is happening now and what is to come.

When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord raise up a standard against it, this is the promise of God for your life.

We have seen in sport, for example with high jump

How interesting it is every time you jump a certain level, the bar is elevated to a new challenge.

The higher the level always pose a new challenge to those who are in competition

This high jump sport has been performed for centuries; new records has been set

Athletes have work on new ways and methods to improve and record new records of achievement

But to date no one can ever boast to have attain the highest level of its limit.

The bar is always ready to be elevated, higher and higher

This is how the Spirit of the Lord take care of the onslaught of the enemy, the devil

No matter how he tries, the Spirit of the Lord is always raising a standard against it

Glory to Jesus

In Isiah 59, God expresses his heart that his hand is not short that it cannot save his people, that tells you His hand is willing and ready to save

God says that His ear is not necessarily deaf that he cannot hear when people are crying for deliverance, that tells you God head our cries

The problem, is the enemy succeeded open door for the enemy to operate because we ignored what God worn mankind from doing.

Deuteronomy 8:1 -20………

But that his face is unable to look at the bloodshed prevailing and this create an impression that God does not care anymore.

Why should you kill and dismember a six year old( Karibib).

Abortion is legalised in many so-called developed countries is also bloodshed, no matter how you explain it away. Don’t forget that even here in Namibia, there are serious campaigns……….

Lies, falsehood and injustices

To live in a society like that -is doomed for destruction

Wasting and destruction and lack of peace is the characteristics of such of society and it affects all in that particular society.

The bible says that the Lord is displeased with such a state and

We thank God for intercessors all over the world interceding against the prevailing evil.

Therefore, God remember His promise to those who are covenanted – Deuteronomy 31:6

Today the world has reached a stage that there is a need to raise standard against the evil of the kingdom of darkness

Wickedness has set a new standard to attack, everyone can feel the evil around and or is experiencing the evil.

Even in your personal life, you can sense that the devil is roaring, and you even wonder whether you see good days again.

Will you ever find employment again as a youth.

Will you ever get a salary increment again because your salary cannot handle the bills anymore.

Wickedness has increased, challenging the spirit of God to raise the standard against it -and we are in that season children of God

Of late we have seen the spiritual attack on the youth.

Unhappiness among the youth, lack of motivation with school, teenage pregnancies that is rife, the enemy has come in like a flood.

The youth need a spiritual empowerment.

We will take nothing for granted, we all need spiritual empowerment to survive what is happening or what might come.

Revelation 3:10

Powerful people today are determined to introduce laws to encourage abortion -legalise, very soon they will knock at your door and they know is against the word of God, who’s agenda is it?

Powerful countries are encouraging the world to practise same sex marriage as a matter of rights, they are already here with their money

Powerful countries has pass law to say that incest is your right- having sex with your sister or brother is an expected choice. You are regarded as democracy, political system regarded as the best system in the world.

The children are in danger, every society is infiltrated by these new phenomena, sooner or later.

When the land start to vomit the people out because of iniquity, it will affect even the righteous, you need a spiritual empowerment to survive the onslaught.

Artificial intelligence or 4th industrial revolution has its challenges, to mention but just a few.

Let me tell you church, bob card will soon belong to the past.

The devil has reached new levels and it is required that the spirit of the Lord set a new standard against it

What you need to understand is this

You need to agree with the Spirit of God concerning the new standard to be set because the spirit knows.

Psalm 110.3 / Amos 3:3 Good things don’t come easy.

Math 26:40-

But here me well

Certain things can separate us from what God wants to do if we are not hearing what the spirit is saying to the church.

Ignorance is dangerous.

Hosea 4:6

Reveletion 12”11

The spirit of God wants to raise the standard against the spirit of the enemy

You need to move along for a new standard, that the Spirit is introducing

Even with the day of the Lord, that we all know is coming

Unless the spirit has risen the level of your standard, it is not an awesome day

The day of the Lord is a day of deep darkness, the bible say: Amos 5:18 -20

Unless you are empowered by the spirit of the Lord, you will not be able to stand before Him Luke 21 -36

The same verse also worn us that there are many things that we need to escape

Not only, limited to what we know as current challenges that frustrate us.

Jesus said many things, things we do not know what can come, but unless the spirit of the lord has risen a standard against the enemy, you cannot conquer by your own, you need the empowerment of the spirit.

Things are yet to come -let the spirit raise the new standard in you, to escape.

Song and prayer

Holy spirit, I don’t want to miss your move in this season

Holy spirit I need your empowerment today don’t leave me out

The Spirit of Lord is upon me, the devil knows that I am winner

Winer eee winner, winner eeee winner

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