Where there is no vision, the people perish

Where there is no vision, the people perish.11/09/2022

Judges 2: 10 -23

The enemy satan know that the best way for people perish is when there is a lack of vision in their lives, you see nothing to become or get yourself to and make a meaningful contribution in life and or society.

The devil is a vision killer, we are dealing with a vision killer in this life. Believe it or not is not a joke or a small matter.

Check your dream life………….the current generation…………….

The importance of a vision

When you have a vison and a or a goal to achieve encourage you on a daily basis as you work towards it.

It gives you direction and you set short term objectives towards achieving those goals. You become a productive person working towards something in life – is good and you are better motivated.

Have you seen how many people are idling and wondering around with nothing to do on a daily basis.

A lot of people in this world are a life, just because their spirits did not depart, but the sad and hard truth is, they have already perished. The enemy has render them useless and well grounded.

Look at the people who are spending their lifetime at shebeens drinking the whole day, young as they can be.

They are abled bodies, strong, with no complication whatsoever, they start drinking while healthy, just see them after sometimes, rotten yet young.

Born with intelligence, when you listen to them when talking to each other

You can see them moving and that they are alive, but many has given up on life, no dream no desire for anything apart from a glass for the day only.

Technically and physically grounded by the enemy, unplucked from the socket of life. Isiah 42: 22

You no longer expect any constructive contributions from such people.

Such people can no longer lead any one to achieve anything even if there where people looking upon them as role models.

Somebody once said there is no one who does not have followers, unless perhaps you are mad.

if they have followers, those followers are likely not to achieve much in life as well.

They have already perish although they are breathing, cannot make a meaningful contribution.

For those with children, the future and destiny of those children are compromised significantly.

That is very sad.

Most of this people have brilliant minds, and it is only used to entertain at drinking outlets. That can only be a job of satan.

Knowing where one is headed helps in living purposeful life

Knowing where to go is critical in life

When the is no visionary people in a land people spend life aimlessly without purpose, and this scenario is common in our societies even today.

Even the children of Israel had high regard for the children of Issachar, because of one thing and one thing only.

The children of Issachar where visionaries, because they knew how to provide direction for the rest of the population.

The most difficult thing is to put people in position of leadership without a vision.

This happen a lot and I have seen it even with the struggle for independence

You need to see the vision in order to get it

JEEREMIAH 1:12 God can do nothing if you see nothing

When you don’t move around, sometimes you are not exposed to many things

There are many examples to copy, ways of doing things and areas of interest you can learn from and maybe even improve for the better.

John 1:46,The disciples once ask can anything good come from Nazareth

Not because the people where less intelligent or disable, they simply lacked vision and exposure.

Lack of vision give birth boredom

Many of us has been or maybe still caught up in a state of boredom

We don’t know what to do with ourselves or with our time.

We are frustrated because not because we are busy with something useful they are failing to solve, but many are angry and questioning the motive why they are even alive.

They did not find meaning in life because they have no vision towards anything in life, is a problem for many but very sad.

Today make up your mind to change this state of affair in your life. You need to see something.

Tell your neighbour see, you need to see today.

Don’t be a Christian waiting for the Lord to come and end it all, because you see we are in the last days -catch the vision over something.

Yourselves, in your family, in your community, in the nation and concerning the nations on earth.

The man with one talent in Math 25:14-said in his heart, Ah there is no use. In doing anything After all God can do whatever he wish. He did not find it necessary to engage in anything.

He did not see anything can come out of his God given talent.

To his surprised God through him in hell just because he did not do what he is expected to do.

It is important to see and do something about it, you are not useless in any way.

The vision is present but not attainable

Many has visions, they know what they are supposed to be in life

Some started working towards it, but found challenges difficult to overcome.

They as a result surrender those plans and develop a low self esteem

They now feel that maybe it is not supposed to be for them again and they drop the visions.

All excuses people can give in this world, you hear them and heap them on yourself including your own excuses.

Your faith towards the vision has been destroyed completely.

Break down the wall of barriers, revisit your dreams, it is possible, God said it is possible.

The bible says that we must commit all our plans to God and not lean on our own understanding in order to succeed in our journeys.

Proverbs 3: 5-6

What is important is to have a vision that is not in conflict with the will of God, and nothing shall be impossible for you.

Math 7:7 must encourage you., the word of God should form part of your vision.

Proverb 16:3 You need to recommit that vision to God, don’t rely on your own understanding.

The word of God is the mother of all vision for all people

Our leading scripture we see that people dropped and rather ignored the commandments of God and they had the following challenges……………….

We see that repeating itself even in our society today

Unemployment and hunger that is extreme

Alcohol and drug addiction even reaching the very young of society.

Street kids phenomena

Violence in general and gender abuse

When people don’t see the success of life hidden in the word of God, they will perish /Deuteronomy 8: 3

Do we have lawyers or maybe people who are studying to be lawyers in church today?

Proverb29: 18

Joshua 1:8

Jeremiah 29:11

God clearly tells us when we catch the vision of God we can never go wrong in life.

Psalm 119:105

The word of God is the mother of all vision and success

The word of God provides us with the vision that matter

Acts 2:17 / Joel 2:28 in the last days, young people must see visions and old people dream dreams

Daniel 10: /Revel


You spirit of boredom and laziness, I don’t need you in my life, I cast you out of my life

You spirit of boredom and laziness, I don’t need you in my family, in my children, I cast you out by fire.

You spirit of boredom and laziness, we don’t need you in Namibia and Africa, we cast you out by fire.

O Lord, your word says in James 1:5, that if I lack wisdom I must ask from you, I need wisdom according to Isaiah 11:2

Lord open my eyes to see what you want me to see in the name of Jesus.

Vision killers in my life I kill you today, by fire of the Holy ghost.

Sources of evil dreams and vision in my life, fire of the Holy Ghost, destroy them -in the name of Jesus.

Pray for all those people, the enemy has succeeded to keep away from coming to church. Isiah 42:22

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