God wants a man to be what He has created him to be

Genesis 3:1 -24

Extract from Joel Austin

1king 16:30-33, 1king 11:1-9

Proverb 31:30

Today we have work to do to pray for the man, the problem for man has been from generation to generation. The sin of never mind

It is good that there are avenues to acknowledge positive roles that fathers play in society and especially in a family setup.

Your Hussle to make sure a meal is on a table every day.

You walk, work, no lunch, the sacrifice is huge

Today is Father’s Day and it is a day worthy of celebration

Fathers need to feel special, maybe a day like this is the only day they hear something good about them coming from society that is usually critical towards man.

Society especially in Namibia is field with a negative news as to how man is abusive, in the form of domestic violence perpetrated by man.

Celebrating father’s day is really encouraging to man especially fathers who are hard working day by day

It has never been easy for the fathers in their roles.( leading scripture)

Sometimes man is wondering if war has been declared on them just because the dominating perception has projected man in such a bad light.

This does not mean it is not happening out there, it is happening, and it is regrettable.

For example: we heard and read of a father raping a one-year month old daughter while the mother is fast asleep in the same bed.

That is sickening, this just show how man has drifted from loving to be monster.

It is man who butchers ladies, stepping woman multiple times without remorse.

Man is corrupted by the devil while they are supposed to be next in command after God

Now they are used by satan mightily in a negative way, to destroy to kill and to steal totally doing the opposite to what they are supposed to do.

It is sad.

John 10:10 (the old vs new tactics of satan)

True fatherhood is about love

Ephesians 5:25 -33

To receive wisdom from God as to how they should lead their families to be blessed their families

If you compare men at drinking outlets with those in the church, very few man are seeking after God, it is sad.

Wisdom will not come after drinking beer or tombo

Your family situation will never improve after consuming alcohol.

You will not improve in any way, yourself or others around you, because you drink the most expensive alcohol

Proverbs 20: 1

Proverbs 23: 29 -35

Men will account to their god given roles

The role to account concerning the family is always with the man, that is the order established by God.

When they fell in the garden, God called Adam first

That order is what satan running after to destroy even today.

Psalm 112: 1 -10

Although these scriptures are applicable to daughters, just imagine living with such a father.

All these promises coming to pass, is just wonderful.

We need to pray to bring fathers and play their roles as is supposed to be.

A lot went wrong in society, especially with the upbringing of the current generation. of influence.

The challenge today is to find sufficient time for your children and mould them in the right direction.

We are too busy out there and have very little time to spend at home with children.

The challenge today is the bad influence from many quarters, friend, social media platforms, you name it.

My son…………………………………………………..

Going back to traditional roles of educating children.

Proverb 22:6

God gave the overall responsibility to the man

When you read Genesis, chapter 3, you will notice the hash punishments netted out to a man,

Adam wanted to escape by blaming that it was the wife responsible for the sin committed.

But he was still held responsible for not taking charge of the family affairs.

Ignoring your responsibility as a man now will not exempt you either.

God will steal require accountability from you sooner or later.

The wise fathers and man will not take this message lightly.

When you succeed as a father in your role, qualifies for other office

1Thimothy 3:4

Fatherhood is not for cowards

Do not make children and you cannot provide for them

Do not make children and you run away

The reason why we have so many children as street children is the failure of fathers to play their roles as providers.

Man changing identity and wanting to become women

One day I was listening to a radio when they were interviewing a gentleman who was claiming to be confused about his gender. This is common these days.

The enemy is fighting the plan of God, you need to be in the spirit to see this.


Fathers are made to be providers

Man must work, don’t rely on a woman, and others for your daily necessities as this modern man are stiving for sugar mummies.

Acts 20: 32- 38. Act 18: 1-3

1thimothy 5:8

The challenges of a modern man

The money factor as a the challenge in families.

Very few couples get it write to maintain the plan of God concerning families, when the women are the one earning higher salaries.

It brought a lot of disrespect as many struggles to be submissive to their husbands

It takes a true born-again daughter of God to submit to someone who is in economically less situation

Money has a strong influence on the behaviour of people.

Rich women support your husbands

The other day we had a discussion whether marriage today is based on love or is it about comfort.

By conform we mean the comfort brought about by money.

It is not funny is a reality

In conclusion

To succeed as a man of God, walk with God

It is possible to walk with God and to carry out responsibilities

Genesis 5: 21 – 23


Father, in the name of Jesus, forgive the sins of man in this nation and nations of the earth.

Let ever pain caused between husbands and wives, between fathers and children be forgiven, in the name of Jesus.

Powers of darkness targeting and destroying the sanity of man, lose your hold and die.in the name of Jesus.

Powers principalities , rulers of darkness of this world in charge of homes, families in Namibia, and nations of the world, pack and go in the name of Jesus.

Any curse impacting the lives of man, be removed by the blood of Jesus. Colossian 2:14-15

Proverb 24: 3-4

I have a God who never

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