Stretch Forth your hand

Salutation : Matthew 4: 1-11 27/04/2022

Scripture: Luke 6: 6-11

Deuteronomy 1: 6 >> You have dwelt for so long on this mount

Disadvantage of being withered

  • No proper blood circulation
  • Restricted movement
  • Unable to pick up or grab things
  • Feeling of being ignored
  • Difficulties in accessibility
  • Feeling of being incompetent
  • Teased and abused
  • Being patronized
  • Relationships

The same way it is the physical so it is in the spirit

Matthew 12:8 >> For the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath

When you are told to do something in church but you refuse, it’s a withered hand

Parable of the good Samaritan

The man was in church and that it is how he got he’s miracle, he met Jesus in the church

John 9: 1-12 >> The man that was told to go and wash he’s eyes in Salome

The people in church never stopped him from coming to church, he’s condition never stopped him from coming to church

People define us based on our condition, the man with a withered hand

What defines you or how people define you can be a limitation to stretching forth your hand

2 kings 6: 1-4 >> The place we are in is too small

There is always some people that are always looking for one bad thing that you do so that they can accuse you.

Jesus did not lay he’s hand on him, but he challenged the man. The challenge was to stretch forth he’s hand because he was closer to he’s miracle or he’s break through.

Exodus 14:21-28 >> Moses stretching forth he’s hand over the Red Sea

If you don’t stretch you will stay right where you are.

The man with the withered hand was surrounded by people that had hearts that are withered

You can be finically, emotionally or spiritually withered, the only way you can come out of the withered condition is to stretch

He’s healing didn’t take place until he stretched out he’s hand

1 Samuel 1:1-7 >> Hannah praying for a child in Shiloh

The Lord told him to stretch even in the midst of he’s critics, so that you will know that you don’t need the Amen of your enemies to get your blessing

Don’t worry about those around you just stretch out your hand


1 Samuel 17 : 48 – 51 >> David strikes Goliath

Exodus 3: 19-20 >> the Lord stretched forth he’s hand over the Red Sea and the Egyptians drowned


  1. I reject every spirit of doubt, fear and discouragement, in the name of Jesus.
  2. I cancel all ungodly delays to the manifestations of my miracles, in the name of Jesus.
  3. Let the angels of the living God roll away every stone of hindrance to the manifestation of my breakthroughs, in the name of Jesus.
  4. Lord, hasten Your word to perform miracles in every department of my life.
  5. Lord, I desire breakthroughs concerning my health today, in the name of Jesus.
  6. Let there be turbulence, re-arrangement, revision, re-organisation and re-routing of situations and circumstances in order to create a path to my desired miracles, in the name of Jesus.
  7. Let every hole present in the container of my life be mended, in the name of Jesus.
  8. I bind, plunder and render to nothing every anti-testimony, anti-miracle and anti-prosperity forces, in the name of Jesus.
  9. The God which quickeneth the dead and calleth those things that be not as if they are, answer me by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  10. In the name of Jesus, let every foreign knee preventing the manifestation of my miracles in heaven, on earth and under-neath the earth, bow, in the name of Jesus.
  11. Let every evil force gathered against my breakthrough be completely scattered, in the name of Jesus.
  12. I command all evil records planted by the devil in anyone’s mind against my desired miracles to be shattered to pieces, in the name of Jesus.
  13. Lord, help me to identify and deal with any weakness in me that can hinder the manifestation of my miracles.
  14. I bind every strongman delegated to hinder the manifestations of my miracles, in the name of Jesus.
  15. Let power change hands in every area of my life to the hands of the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus.
  16. I receive the mandate to put to flight every enemy of my breakthroughs, in the name of Jesus.

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