The season is known

The season is known but not the Hour of His coming. 10/04/2022

Math 24: 36 -51

We are talking about the returning of Jesus Christ when he will come and rapture the church.

The hour of deliverance for the righteous and at the same time is the hour of judgement for sinners.

It is defining moment: Reveletion 3: 10

Because He said He is coming back John 14: 1-3

Some people are comfortable enjoying life and they don’t want to hear such a message.

This is a special message in this season


The world view

  • the positive
  • the negative
  • God is a God of deliverance and in the unknown hour promised is deliverance on the card yet again.
  • The final deliverance, the ultimate deliverance is on the card
  • Revelation 21: 1-7, the best is yet to come, the God who says- no eyes has seen, no ear has heard, neither imagined by any heart has promised.

Somebody says I want to know about the hour of His coming

I need to know; I am interested to know for my good.

Daniel wanted to know about the hour. 12:8-9

I believe nobody wants to be left behind when the trumpet sound.

You want to be on the side of Jesus Christ on that day and not on the side of his enemy.

Even if you are enjoying some level of goodness in this world, know that it is by grace of God, it is not the best, the best is yet coming.

If the church is taken and the Holy Spirit is taken, nothing will be enjoyable, everything will lose meaning.

(Remembering the Covid 19 lock down)

Math: 24: 36 -51

As we are celebrating the season of easter, we must remember

Not only the holidays that we are not going to work

Or to think that easter are days to rest with the family at home and braai

But we must remember the season of easter considering the significance it has to God first and secondly its significance to man.

Has it ever crossed your mind, why Jesus has to be crucified during the time of the celebration of the pass over or easter as we know it?

The Pass over or easter has a great significance in the eyes of God

Math26: 1-5 /14- 25

There are questions that goes in my mind that should not be ignored

was it a coincidence that He was crucifies during Pass over?…………

was it God own timing that the son should redeem us during Pass over?

Why is the crucification of Jesus Christ coincided with what God deemed so important from of old.

God commanded the children of Israel not whatsoever fail to host the feast of the Pass Over.

But I will start with the significance of easter season to man.

We remember this season as the Lord Jesus died and gave himself for the sins of mankind.

For the entire world.

It was time of easter that Jesus was captured, accused with all manner of accusation

Beaten up and insulted, yet he was innocent

And all that he went through, was to take our place, Jesus suffered on our behalf

He suffered for our sins and all the blood he shed did not flow in vain, but as it was flowing, our sins are washed away in the process.

Today we, me and you have so much hope to see heaven, to see paradise, to see eternity because of his suffering.


Jesus Christ brought deliverance, not only for heaven, but also while we are in this life. Galatians 3:11- 14: collossian 2:13-15, Isiah 53: 5.

The significance of the Pass -over season to God

The Pass over feast has a great significance to God.

Exodus 12-

When we are talking Pass over itself is talking about time of great deliverance that took place in Egypt.

One of the things that strike my attention in this scripture is the new beginning, that God is talking about in this scripture.

This time is very much significant to God because it should be celebrated and remembered by God’s people.

It became a law to celebrate the time of great deliverance when God needed to kill all the first born in Egypt.

The angel of death was released and whoever did not apply the blood on the lentils or doorpost of their houses were not spared.

The blood was symbolic as signified the blood of Jesus

Today we must not move around, or even go to bed without covering ourselves in the blood of Jesus.

It is still flowing and does not clot, it is ever flowing

Clap for the Lord, there is power in the blood of Jesus.

Jesus clearly said that the hour is not known when the trumpet will sound and for God to rapture or take the church.

Jesus himself does not know

The bible says that not even the angels know anything about it

The only one who knows about the hour is God himself.

What Jesus did is to give us an indication as to how the last days will look like.

The prophesies of Jesus though concerning the times or rather season of His return present itself more and more like the time we live now.

This should present a challenge to us in the world, to want to know, because this affects us directly.

It should concern us and nobody wants to be caught off-quad.

Math24: again

People will be busy with their routine

Don’t relax you have not arrived, you are passing through, you are on transit

In conclusion Jesu gave this scripture and let it be your take home.

God delivered Israel from stubborn enemies, and he commanded that deliverance to be remembered to all generation. Blood was used

Jesus came and shed His blood as well and it coincided with the time people were celebrating the feast of the pass over.

Now we are left with the final deliverance to take place, whereby the whole world will be visited, and the hour is unknown.

That unknown hour need repentance

That unknown hour need prayer

That unknown hour is coming

Math25: 1 -23

Do you have what it take to make the journey”?


I believe in Jesus,

I believe he is the son of God,

I believe that is here now

Standing in ours midst,

With the power to heal now,

And the grace to forgive

You are here standing in our midst, we worship you, we worship you

Babababababaaa, bababe she o bababa, eshe o babaa baba upe babaa

Before prayer

Give me oil in my lamp to keep on burning, give me oil in my lamp I pray

Lord I don’t want to be left behind when you rapture the church.

Pray for the world that God created, to hear His voice and repent.

The solutions is in God

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