Baptism is a fulfilment of righteousness.

Math 3:1 –

God wants you to know baptism is compulsory

baptism is commandment to all believers like any other commandment

mark 16:16

no excuse ever valid no to do it.

My personal experience…………………….

We are in a season God is looking for a righteous church.

Baptism is part of the righteousness of God that need to be fulfilled in each one of us if you call yourself a believer.

Baptism: A special message delivered by a special person

John the baptised cried out loud in the wilderness, the message is not to be compromised, by mingling with the people.

John the Baptist was so much separated that his clothes was different from any other person at the time.

He was different in appearance, that when you see him, he will attract your attention.

John the Baptist was so separated that even the food he ate was different and pure, wild honey and locust.

Not even through food can defilement take place because the message is too important

Job 33:14 -15

We had a powerful theme beginning March, with a theme “Sow in Righteousness, Reap in Mercy”


This is a big topic in itself because it is the essence of Christianity.

Math 6: 31-33

In our leading scripture we see that Jesus replied to John when he was refusing to baptise the Lord

Let it be so now, It is proper for us to do this to fulfil all righteousness. Than John consented.

Jesus spoke concerning baptism that it is right thing to do before God.

Jesus personally took part in the same baptism

God was well pleased with it because, when Jesus entered that water, God spoke that He is well pleased.

Every believer must therefore ensure that you get baptised

It is not enough to believe and you skip baptism

Who should be baptised

Babies don’t get baptised, they are only dedicated to God

The baptism of babies have misled a lot of people, to think that they are Christian going to heaven while they are going to hell by their deed in life.

I have seen drunkards boasting that they are baptised while holding alcohol bottles in their hands

Even people who practise witchcraft also claim that they are baptised what a waste.

Catch any thief or a robbers in Namibia, ask him if he is baptised, he will tell you yes

They will tell you who their godfather is who and who

They will even give you their baptism names, johaness joseph, petrus malukusa, batholomeus Tilonena.

Because the lie from the pit of hell is that you were already baptised.

You wont blame them, that is what they are told and it has been the practise for centuries now

It is very common to here statement such, we are from a Christian family, our parents are elders of the church in fact the grand father was a bishop

This type are so convinced that they are fine, you can not even preach to them.

Mathew 28:19

On the issue of baptism god did not send anybody to baptise baby, but rather to people who need to be told about the kingdom of God and make personal decisions to be baptised.

Luke 2:22

Luke 3: 21 -23

There is no baptism without repetence

In the sermon of John the Baptist, the message was very clear that repentance is absolutely important.

Note that no quarter of society has been spared in the message of repentance.

From government officials to pharisees who were most respected

In who’s name must you be baptised

In the name of the father, the creator of heaven and earth,

Because God is buying you back from the nature of sin.

Ephesian 3:15

And in the name of the son Jesus Christ

By who’s blood you have redemption

Ephesian 1:7

And in the name of the Holy Spirit

Who will keep you and guide you in all truth thereafter, after you are baptised.

Ephesian 1:13

When you obey the call for baptism, you obey the call of righteousness

You excite God the way he was excited when Jesus was baptised.

God said this is my son, in whom I am well please.

Wrath is coming upon the earth; don’t you want to be saved?

I believe you do

Alter call


Lord help me understand your kingdom and its righteousness the way it is supposed to be.

Lord if I went through baptism and I never understood its importance, forgive me

Lord save me from the wrath that is coming upon the earth today -in the name of Jesus

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