Significance of Baptism

Significance of Baptism to the saving of human soul.

Now and in future

Your soul must be saved now and also in future.

What happen now has an impact on the future.

Mark 7:20- 35

  • John the baptised who introduced Jesus found himself walking in the flesh because of prison circumstances.
  • Jesus spoke of the importance of John the baptised because of the message he preached, the message of repentance and the importance of baptism.
  • John the baptised did not do any miracles or performed signs and wonders.
  • But Jesus highly regarded him as the greatest prophet ever to be born of a woman.
  • Jesus reiterated the point and importance of making it into the kingdom of God that you will be regarded even more important than John the Baptist.
  • We see yet again why baptism God sees it as fulfilment of righteousness.

The sad part is that we see in the scriptures that pharisees and lawyers did not understand the message or the act of baptism.

Jesus says that they rejected the council of God against themselves.

Jesus spoke that the generation than and I believe our generation also, that whatsoever God is doing to save them, they don’t take it to heart.

Jesus gave a parle of children that whatever

Baptism is strongly linked to the saving of the souls of man.

When we are reminded of the Lazarus and the rich men in the book of Luke 16: 19 -31 .

Jesus spoke words that should make think that there is more concerning eternity, and that life does not only concern the life we have in this world only.

It is important to have every child of God to give attention on spiritual matters and processes that the scriptures prescribe more seriously.

The ruler thought that he has it all and needed nothing else.

He never paid attention to things pertaining eternity

But when it so happened that he died

He could not believe his experience

Life on the other side for him was a surprise he could not accept

We should do what w need to do to avoid bad surprises concerning eternity.

We see that the soul lives on after this life

We need to pay attention to what is needful to do in order for our souls to live

The scriptures in the book of Mark 16:16 that say if you believe, and you get baptised you will be save should not be taken likely.

You might omit to do what is crucial to be saved, and we see that once you are on the other side, you cannot reverse or come back to this world again.

We were saying last time that Baptism equals repentance

Hence the preaching of baptism to grown up people before baptism.

As adults knowing we will not stay on earth for ever we need to pay attention on the issue of sin and repentance.

The power of sin must not be undermined


Romans 7: 15

Sin in our lives must not bring our down fall.

We need to understand and see sin as a serious contender.

Sin does no want to give up on you.

Sin destroy Cain and rendered him useless without destiny

Sin has many faces. How is it appearing in your life.

Why Baptism, what does it symbolises

Romans 6:1-14

Colossian 2: 6-15

The power of baptism must be known because it makes you victorious in life

Sin lose its power over your life by baptism

Curses over your life are broken by baptism

We shared the scripture about the rich man and Lazarus

But what you need to also know that your victory starts the moment you emerge or come out of the water.

The council of God after you are baptised

Acts 2:41-42


In the name of Jesus, may I appreciate your action to save my soul.

Power of sin over my life lose your hold in the name of Jesus.

I claim the power of baptism I have in Jesus, over my life, in the name of Jesus.

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