Mercies of God in times of need

Romans 9:1 -33

  • You will probably agree that we are in dire and trying times in the history of the world.
  • Whatever is happening now is unprecedented.
  • Every corner in the world is affected and suffering the same things that are happening elsewhere
  • Covid has killed so many people all over the world already and all what you hear is variants upon variants, waves upon waves.
  • So many people has lost employment……….unless God intervene the issue of health passport will make it worse.
  • fires raging in various parts of the world killing people.
  • Floods swapping and destroying infrastructure on a large scale.
  • Of the truth what the world is going through has really caused distress in all nations of the world
  • Having said all that, one wonders if things will get better than this.
  • Daniel 7:25
  • The topic is we need to obtain the mercies of God, times are hard

The meaning of mercy

  • Compassion or forgiveness shown towards someone who is within someone power to punish
  • Obtaining the mercies of God, is something every believer should always make a priority.
    It must be a daily prayer -that need to be prayed without relenting these days.
  • The fact that you are born again should not give you a sort of an entitlement mentality.
    Don’t be conceited or make you feel you have achieved in your Christian journey
    We are reminded of the two remarks that Jesus made in Mark 10:17 – 26(35-45)
  • It is a prerogative of God to show mercy
    Mercies depend on God himself and is not released by the qualification of man.
    You cannot earn mercies per say
    God said in the book of Romans 9, I will have mercy on who I will have mercy
    The story of Esau and Jacob is a perfect example as to why we must not joke with the mercies of God
    The mercies of God were more favourable to Jacob compared to Esau

Commentary of the leading scriptures

  • I need the mercies of God and you need it to
  • In the book of 1 John 1:5 -10
  • Romans 3: 23
  • The bible says if we say that we have no sin we are liars and deceive ourselves.

Now the question to you is:

  • What does the mercy of God mean to you as an induvial?
  • Do you need it? And if yes when?
  • If you are like me, then it should be today
  • If I can go further than that I will say now, this very moment.

As for me it means praying to God especially for sins of omission
James 4: 17

Good works are good and necessary for all of us. But
Don’t be carried away by church activities, beside your good works and sacrifice, just remember that you need the mercies of God to speak for your salvation.
Math:9: 9-13

How and when are the mercies of God important to you?
Every day it should be a prayer points to every child of God
Proverb 28: 13
Sins of the mouth, thoughts and action
David made it a serious prayer of his life in Psalm 40:1 -17

Romans 4:16
Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.
The world is going through a defining moment, and everyone is affected in one way or another
We need the mercies of God like never- before.
We need to pray for the mercies of God
Psalm 25:1-21
Micah 7:18-20

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