Make your request known to God
  • The assurance from the word of God is that God answer prayers.
  • There is no prayer that God does not answer, especially prayers that are offered in good faith
  • Whatever your circumstances you prayed for, and the answer did not yet manifest don’t keep silence until you are troubled.
  • People of God understand that God is not a respecter of person Act 10:34
  • If We know that God sees the heart, but to keep your desires without prayer might be you problem.
  • A close mouth is a closed destiny
  • You need to learn to open your mouth to address and shape your life
  • you do what is right God will move for you.

Make your request known to God, don’t keep silent
Silence in itself is very dangerous to the sole especially if you have a pressing need or a difficulty

Psalm 32: 3-11

Genesis 4: 9 -16
If God can mitigate the punishment of Cain, a murderer and who is very rude
What more about you, if you humble yourself with a sincere heart

  • Th only time that God is having a problem with a request is when the request or prayer has motivated by bad intention and God’s intention is to protect you.
  • James 4: 1-
  • To make your request known to God makes a huge different.
  • Have Brethren if you hear this preaching tonight, then you are in a better position to transform your life.
  • The nature of God is that He knows everything in your heart
  • The disciples are a perfect example and don’t get surprised many of us Christians behave the same.

John 16:23 -24
The disciples dwelled with the Lord daily, but they kept silent most of the time.
Jesus saw that they had needs, but the kept silent
Even Judas Iscariot had financial problems- but he chose to be silent.
Look at the consequences thereafter

  • When you make your request known to God, the relationship is developed.
  • It is because God value relationship and connection
  • That is why you need also to know how to make your request known.
  • The method of doing it also matter.
  • Humble yourself and take His word back to him
  • is of utmost important, God is a God of relationship that promote His word.
  • When you get hold of the word, don’t keep silent
  • It is of utmost important to clearly state what you want.

Mark 10: 46-52
Blind Bartholomeus was constantly calling on Jesus
When Jesus got his attention, he was told to be specific as to what he needed, that is the time he said I
The question is what if he chose to keep silent?

Leading scripture has it that we have request we should make know to God
After this we must have peace

See the season and make the right move
God is saying, this is the season to ask.
This is the season of answered prayer
Don’t miss out

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