• It could be that you are on the edge of giving up on many things in life
  • Maybe in church and the only thing you believe God for, eternity
  • You became a spectator and your role in life has been relegated or has ceased.
  • Your prayer is at 10% if not zero, your reading of the bible is made history
  • The melody of joy has ceased, worshiping replaced by murmuring
  • Life became heavy on you
  • Don’t let it be – come alive, let your faith revive -in the name of Jesus
  • Without faith, it is impossible to please God (Hebrew 11:6)
  • (job or promotion, business, tender, sickness, marriage, house,
  • This year God has promised deliverance for his people
  • Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down and the feeble knees, make straight path, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way, but let it rather be healed (hebrew12:12)

By the way
One thing to remember people of God is that, deliverance is sweet (Proverb 10:22)
The bible says that the blessing of the Lord makes rich and add no sorrow
We are supposed to be as Trees planted by the rivers of water, That bringeth forth its fruits in his season. His leaf also shall not wither. And whatsoever we doeth shall prosper

Psalm 126
You need to take a step of faith and see God moving for you.
Do not settle for anything else because God has spoken good concerning you
The Anchor for 2021 is precious, therefore anchor yourself on it.
1Samuel 3

Position yourself well
Somebody need to confess and say my deliverance is due and I will not miss it -in the name of Jesus

  • God visit His people and God has been doing so since time in memory, but
  • It takes a believer to see the deliverance
  • See yourself as a person of God
  • Develop a strong sense of belonging as a child of the kingdom.
  • Take a deliberate step to walk into it
  • You are His person, walk around with that understanding
  • The bible says -Let the redeemed of the Lord say so Whom he has redeemed from the hand of the enemy, (psalm 107: 2)
  • When we say we are the redeemed of the Lord, let it not just be from the face value
  • But let be from the heart
  • We know Jesus died for our sins
  • We know that Jesus destroyed all the works of the enemy on the cross
  • Your troubles and the troubles in the nation God can take away completely
  • Why giving up as if you don’t have that information
  • But it takes a heart that does not give up or surrender.
  • A heart that is convinced that what Jesus did is for me.

But we push ourselves to believe God to change our situations for the better
When do you think God will do it for you, or your family, or the nation?
There is a time for everything and 2021 is a year for God’s deliverance
As part of preparation because God is in our midst
Our leading scripture, we see negative behaviour even from those who call themselves children of the kingdom.

  • And we want to be in good standing with God in order to speed up our deliverance
  • They are backslidden completely,
  • Not hearing the voice of God
  • They no longer take correction
  • They no longer trusted in the Lord
  • They no longer seek God
  • Prophets and priests disregarded the word of God doing as they wish

This is are the mistakes we must avoid -we must draw closer to God
The Anchor for 2021, which we have received from the Lord through His servant speak volume
God promised deliverance and we must capitalise on the word of God because God has spoken.
We will not limit God in what He wants to do in our midst this year.
Sometimes deliverance look like an impossibility, but don’t worry
It is not your doing but God own.

  • Leaving Egypt looked like an impossibility to the children of Israel
  • Slavery was a way of life
  • 4 generation means children were born in slavery
  • They never new that life can be different
  • But when deliverance came, not even the red sea could stop them
  • I am here to encourage you today, do not agree with negative situation
  • Be like honourable Jabes (1 chronicles 4:9)
  • The mother was sorrowful at heart
  • She was forced to transfer her sorrow to the child by naming him sorrow
  • Jabes refused to inherit the family sorrow
  • Jabes understand that there is a God who deliver from sorrow
  • Jabes prayed unto God of deliverance and his destiny changed
  • And the bible calls him honorable, not because he was strong
  • But because Jabes trusted that God deliver from bad situations
  • Somebody need to do the same today

David said in psalm 121
I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, From whence cometh my help
My help cometh from the Lord which made heaven and earth…………………
Start looking and expect deliverance from today onward

  • How about Psalm 23, when David make a statement that settle everything.
  • David calls troubles and challenges shadows of death
  • He sees himself passing through
  • David see the end of his life in green pastures
  • David sees his cup running over with honey -overflow
  • David sees only goodness and mercies of God that follows Him
  • Why? The time for God’s deliverance is certain
  • And God so his attitude in life and said -This is a man after my own heart.

Always be on the look -out for God’s deliverance
Let us be like Daniel who never agreed with a life in bondage and suffering of his people
Not even his position, being a prime minister gave him peace or made him to compromise
He was not selfish, but felt for his people as well
He made effort to study scriptures because he never agreed with that situation
Daniel knew his birth right as a child of the kingdom.
Do you know your own as a child of God?
Jeremiah 29:11

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