By the bread alone

Man shall not live by the bread alone, without the word of God. 11/08/21

Deuteronomy 8
It could be that you are one with a lot of money in the bank
You have a farm
You are married to a beautiful wife or a handsome husband with beautiful children
With a mansion beautiful house
And by human standard you are rich and well off and have it all
The neighbours admire you and the world envy you
With all the above-mentioned success you are not fulfilled yet, the bible says

You are still miserable according to the spiritual standard
Revelation 3:17

What are we talking about exactly when we are talking about the word?
Let us remind ourselves of exactly what we are talking about
John 1:1-5
God being the word
The power of God being in the word
The presence of God being in the word
So is not just a word that is empty – but a word that is loaded, God being the word.
Don’t you think it is strange that we like to tell God I love you but we ignore Him by not reading much about Him
God wants His word to dwell in you all the time, by so doing God will dwell in you

In the book of Deuteronomy God had a special training for the people to draw attention, that God must not be absent in a man’s life
They went through tough moments in the desert
Sometimes there was nothing to eat at all-God provided food to proof that in time of hunger, God is the provider- yet they were not bothered
Sometimes there was no water, God provided water out of the rock, to proof to them that God is the sources of life, yet they could perceive that for 40 years their clothes could not tear, their shoes could not wear out
Somebody is supposed to see that and realised that God is your sufficiency
They pass through scorpions and dangerous snakes. That could not hurt them, they did not see

God did not allow them to eat their desired food they already know but food of angels, they were not bothered either.
They could not get sick for forty years because God in their midst represented healing.
The training to open their eyes to the importance of the word spoken by God was tough.
But what they could do rather is have to make a comparison to Egypt and they preferred the suffering in Egypt to be better.
Whatever you are suffering from now could be your training to open your eyes
Pass the test and receive your breakthrough
Trust the promise God has spoken – remember you also live by the word of God.
love and continue to love the word of God
That word will perform for you, it will bring you good success.
Joshua 1:8

God has exalted His word above all Psalm 138:2
If you also exalt His word, God will also exalt you

You need the word to protect you against deceptions of satan.
The devil will use very intelligence tactics to deceive
If you look at what transpired in the garden of Eden, the devil had very intelligent conversation that could appeal to Eve.
But the word of God was do not eat.
That was the only utterance to be used at that moment.
A weapon that is supposed to be used to silence but the moment you allow reasoning, you cannot outsmart the enemy
In the book of Mathews 4:4
Jesus gave us good examples how to use the word as a defence.
Let us look at the scriptures

You need the word for your healing.
The is a wonderful prescription for mankind to be healed for both spiritually and physically
Isiah 53:5
In the book of John 5: The sick man at the pool of Bethesda had the word and immediately
Luke chapter 7 the army commander knew the power of the word and got a miracle he dearly wanted at that moment.

To avoid sin, you need the word.
Psalm 119:11

For a breakthrough, you need the word
Jeremiah 23:29 -30
The supremacy of the word of God is such that it cannot be change
Constitutions of countries are supreme but they can still be changed by a referendum, but the word of God not
John 12:47 -50

You might think you are ok, the question is in what area of your life you did not trust the word of God enough and you gave up?
Amos 8
Mark 4 what ground are you.

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