Become who God made you to be, a God

John 10: 31 -38

  • Kings knows who they are.
  • cowards know who they are.
  • Defeat and discouragement should not be the picture on your face,
  • God wants you to exercise the power and authority deposited in you.
  • It is important to know who you are and what God has put in you.
  • Somebody say I am a god that is who I am.

Christians need to fully know and realise who they are, but is has been and still a struggle to many in the kingdom.

When challenges arise, many children of God simply forget who they are.

They choose to cry, or they choose to live in fear like any other average person out there who do not know much about God.

This it is very dangerous, don’t see the magnitude of the challenge, and forget how big God is.

God has many promises he gave when times get difficult

Isiah 43:2

1 Corinth 10:13

2 Kings 1:10

  • We must mature as Christian; no circumstances should change your status from Christian to unbeliever.
  • There are behaviours to watch out for, behaviours that should not be found in mature Christians.
  • Talking negative in a midst of a challenging situation, self-pity, full of worries and frustrated.
  • We should, get rid of these negative traits it because it hinders you to function as a god.
  • Leading scriptures
  • People had an issue
  • They saw Jesus as a mere man and He, according to them should not make himself like God.
  • They took it as blasphemy because they did not understand God dwelled in Jesus.
  • So are you, the spirit of the living God, the holy spirit dwells in you
  • And Jesus is saying you are a god.
  • God wants your faith at all times
  • Luke 8: 22-25

Act 1:8

God is by all means trying to talk us to walk in authority as Christians.

Don’t shelve your power; don’t trade away your power.

God is watching what you will do.

Hebrew 11:6 says without faith, it is impossible to please God, even when you think those circumstances robbed you need to bounce back.

Get your faith going.

Your faith is what is holding things from deteriorating.

Your faith is a shield that block the advances and wishes of the enemy

Ephesians 6:16

Daniel 12:7

Prayer point

Allow me to mention that we need to differentiate.

God’s anger and punishment

Find out if it is from God- humble yourself and repent before God to obtain mercy.

If it is from the enemy, than it is different story all together

To show weakness of fear or self-pity is not Christlike.

The leading scripture says “” when the word of God comes to you, you are a god

The scripture cannot be broken says the word of God.

Psalm 82.

  • Your status in society should not be an excuse.
  • Wither you are poor, middle class or rich, God sees you as a god.
  • You must see yourself as God your creator sees you.
  • Stop looking down on yourself -you are a god.
  • Get rid of Inferiority complex, that is not from God.
  • When you are a god, it implies that you have powers to do and perform certain things a natural man cannot do.
  • In the context of Christianity that means you bring solutions the challenges in the people.
  • The spirit of the living God is in you.

Luke 10: 17-20

The bible you carry says that you are gods

When you have prayed and nothing seems to be happening and you know well that you did pray.

It is time speak, tell your neighbour, it is time to speak.

May I hear you speaking.

Proverb 18: 20-21

  • Speak to the sickness to disappear.
  • Speak to the unemployment to disappear.
  • Speak if you want to marry, speak.
  • Speak if you want a a house and speak as to when you want to move in
  • You need to spea , your mouth is given to speak Mark 11:23.

Math 16: 19

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