Entering the rest of God must be your aim

Hebrew 4: 1 – 11

  • Generally speaking, everybody need rest
  • Is good and is necessary for every one of us
  • It helps you to recuperate and refresh
  • Is however important not to confuse resting and laziness…
  • You rest in order to continue with what you need to accomplish
  • When you are lazy you either don’t do what you want to do
  • or you do it but not with vigour and energy it require to perfectly accomplish.
  • Or you procrastinate all the time and time is not waiting for you
  • The bible teaches us not to be lazy but rather to work hard Eccles 9:10

The human soul faces so many challenges in life round about

Some from the enemies, the devil and some coming from family members we live with and some from a troubled minds

That is the reason why Christ warning us to remain in Him in the book of John 16: 33

The topic is about entering Gods rest

I the book of Genesis chapter 3:8

And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day.

  • In the beginning when God created man, He put him and his wife in the place of rest, the well tended garden of Eden.
  • The place with beautiful rivers flowing 24/7
  • A place with beautiful flowers and fruits so beautiful, including the beautiful tree they are not supposed to touch and eat.
  • The bible say that God appeared in the cool of the day, that signifies a conducive atmosphere for resting.
  • Even the garden itself zoo park for example.
  • Beginning of creation man rested with God in the garden. When Adam finished his work, the next thing was that God will come to fellowship, to rest with Adam.
  • This was so until they ate the forbidden fruit.

The lives of Adam and Eve has not been the same when they lost that rest, and God has to ask them to leave the garden, and the resting place in God.

This is how it is supposed to be even today that we should have that rest in God…is not nice to be always be restless angry, restless and fearful, restless dipressed…………………………………

God wants to restore that resting place for us

That is the aim of God, hear it yet again today.

There was a king in Israel who was deprived from the rest we are talking about.

1 Samuel 16 14-23

  • Kings as we know don’t do hard labour jobs.
  • Kings has money to acquire everything to their comfort.
  • They have the best houses, best food, but unless you make God your resting place there is no rest in material things per say.
  • The million dollar question is why could king soul not rest despite all the wealth he was enjoying
  • And also ask yourselves why am I not resting in God
  • There is a deception I have seen in this world that is misleading especially the youth.
  • Example of celebrities
  • We see and hear many tales of celebrities, most of them don’t end well life.
  • And the reason is because they do not have a resting place in God. Psalm 37:1
  • This message must not be just like any message you dispel.
  • Even Jesus said it in the book of Math11:28 -30
  • You need to look for that rest in God, child of God.
  • Your life is not fulfilled if you don’t have access to the rest that only God can offer.
  • Even if you are the richest in this world
  • Even if your are the most clever person in this world
  • Even if you are the strongest person in this world -find rest in God, if you don’t find that rest you are doomed.

I pray that should not be our portion in the name of Jesus

Isiah 26: 3

Your mind must be in the Lord, 24/7

The promise of God, peace and renewed strength.

Stay in the rest God is giving

Proverb 3: 5-8 provide guidelines how our mind dwell on the Lord

Isiah 40: 28-31

We see the abilities of God, what He can do to those who are weary.

In our leading Hebrew 4

  • We are warned that we should not come short of the promise of entering into His rest.
  • The bible say that the preaching of entering into that rest has been done before
  • And it is sad to know that some did not enter because of unbelieve.
  • You need to check yourselves as to were you stand with this message
  • The warning is that no one should come short of this call to enter God’s rest.
  • Harden not your hearts the word of God is warning us
  • Let us do whatever is possible to enter his rest.

In conclusion

Isiah 66:1 24

Lord I need to enter your rest today

In Christ alone

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