Obtaining mercy by humility

1Peter 5: 5-11

What is humility in itself.

  • A quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance.
  • In this you acknowledge that others are also important
  • You acknowledge that you are not self -sustaining without others
  • And that you are not fulfilled without God.
  • mankind were not meant to live in isolation.
  • But to be connected to other people and God.
  • Humility is the answer to succeed in this areas.

Humility is an important pillar for unity itself.

A community of humble people is a place to be.

People friendly and render a helping hand to others

Such a community gives you peace of mind, unlike a community full of arrogant self-centred people who are full of strive and hatred.

Life is not always about you all the time, my money, my house, I am supposed to get that and not the next person.

You acknowledge that you can make mistakes and that you are also limited in certain areas and require help from others.

In essence humility bring you to a point that you humble yourself before God need God and cannot live without God.

  1. To succeed in marriage – you need humility…….
  2. To have a good relationship at work with your boss-you need humility.
  3. To walk with God you need humility.
  4. 1 Samuel 16: 6&7

Understand church that even if you pray for forgiveness, let it not be mere words of the mouth.

God will still have to assess you heart if it is really humble.

Psalm 51:17

What it is not:

Humility is not fear -don’t be full of fear and you just say I am just humble when you see the wrong been committed and not correcting it, eg Moses Numbers 12:3

Humility is not a weakness does not mean you re weak eg kneeling down and saying sorry

Many fake it but they are not humble:

hidden character of people get exposed

What if you give alcohol

What if you give them big money or power?

How about driving among Taxis on a pay day?

There is power in humility

Don’t see it as a weakness

The world is used to aggressive macho confrontational people

Such behaviour is more acceptable I this world and much sought after by many young people especially.



Jesus says that blessed is the meek for they shall inherit the earth.

Jesus told that, and means God want to see it in you.

I believe heaven is full of meekness.

The the 24 elders are constantly bowing and worshiping.

You can only continue worshiping if you have a humble heart.

We learned that the devil lost his position in heaven because he lacked humility

Isiah 14:12 -15

Those who were arrogant has been banished from heaven.

That means if you are arrogant today is the day to change. God wants you in heaven.

Do not allow that spirit to stand before you and heaven.

Homes, relationships broke down and continue to do so because people lack humility………………

Humility is a powerful thing and with many benefits

There is rest and peace in humility

  • Many are Restlessness and is more associated with aggressiveness.
  • This make the adrenalin to be high and the heart to pump faster.
  • The body get tense and the body and the heart is not at peace
  • The bible says that the wicked do not sleep until the do evil
  • Proverb 4:16
  • These are people are see themselves on top of others and they always feel stronger than others, clever then others and that they are the only people that matters
  • They are full of pride and want to dominate all the time.
  • Tell your neighbour, don’t be a restless soul-seek humility.

God always have compassion for a prayer coming from a humble heart(God answer prayers because of humility).

2 Crhonicles 7:14

  • First of all you need to humble yourself.
  • It is a prerequisite before forgiveness takes place.
  • Irrespective of the magnitude or how big or small your sins can be -humility draws God’s attention.

2 Chronicle 12:5 -12

  • When you realise your sins and you humble yourself, God will have mercy on your soul
  • This is what the world does not do……….
  • I am very sure you want God to answer your prayer- seek to do first things first, one of them is humility before God.

Intercessors need to be humble: Zephania 2:2-3

  • Especially if you are an intercessor, in the eyes of God you are accepted if you humble yourself.
  • We are in the days of judgement; we all need to have a humble heart to escape the judgement.
  • Therefore, don’t ever joke with this, we are living in mysterious days.
  • A heart of pride will draw quick punishment from God –Proverb 16:5

Our leading scripture tonight is to

1Peter 5: 5-11

Jesus says we should learn from Him

Math 11:28

Will you learn humility from the Lord himself today.


Pray for God to give you humility of the heart

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