The greatness of God

How Great is God

Isiah 40: 12 -31


How great is my God -sing with me how great is God

Tuaka Tjineke monjo- Akikiba eee Akikiba ee


Why don’t you pray that I will get my miracle today?

Somebody say that, the day of my miracle is surely today.

We need to see how great our God is.

Have you ever imagined how big God can be? I am sure you did so many times.

From time to time when you look at the creation Nature Yourself

The scriptures about His greatness

Isiah 40 -leading…………

God is so great and there is no secret you keep from Him: Math 6:18

Luke 12:7 God is so great that He knows the number of your hair

Psalm 56:8 God also know the measure of your tears.

John 10:28-30 If you are on His side you are secure

The problem of man

We are not different from them that much, very few get it right.

Numbers 13 & 14

They were there and they saw it all what in Egypt.

God is so impartial, He attend to all who call on Him

Math 5: 38-48

I have good news for you all.

You will not remain stagnant in that situation.

The sickness you are going through is not permanent -if you see God’s greatness.

The joblessness you experience now is not forever-if you see the greatness of God.

The rejection from your father will end today in the name of Jesus -by His greatness.

The greatness of God – made the red sea to part for His people.

The greatness of God made the river Jordan to fleet for God’s people to cross over.

The greatness of God made food to rain from heaven and people ate and were satisfied.

The greatness of God provided a cloud and a pillar of fire on the journey.

The question is, what must the greatness of God do for you after this message

We will call on the God of greatness to night and His greatness must perform once again.

Joel 2: 28-32

Numbers 23:19

Jesus is here right, to meet your needs and to set the captives free, Jesus is here right now.

Call on the name of Jesus.

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