Don’t let your hands be slack

Hebrew 12:12 – song to be sang.

Characters of soldiers

Tough, fearless, oath of allegiance


God is a man of war.

Then if you belong to God, it means you must fight alongside God in the wars God has to fight in your best interest.

2 Thesal:2 8 / Revel 1:12 -18

Don’t refuse to join the army of God and if you are born again, automatically you are part of it.

Life in Africa before

  • many years back in history when we were growing up.
  • unless you know how to fight you will be a punching back of others
  • fights where simply brought at your doorstep.
  • you will find yourself fighting after school, when heading cattle’s
  • when you go to other villages or neighbourhoods as a stranger you will be challenged into a fight, whether prepared or not
  • when you come home crying your father can even beat you for being a coward
  • society will mould you into a warrior, if you do not like to fight than you have surrendered yourself to be a punching back, left right and centre.
  • those days as a man you do not move around empty handed.
  • you must be armed and show masculinity to sway off your enemies, beast such as lions, leopards, and people alike. Demonstrate how to be armed.
  • As a result, people became strong, physically, and emotionally.
  • Thank God with civilisation certain things improved somehow.

But nevertheless, spiritual abuse from the devil and his followers have not stopped, unless you a seasoned soldier of Jesus Christ

In the book of Ephesians 6:12

  • For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
  • Principalities like to rule according to jurisdiction: John 1:46
  • Some people hear satanic voices talking to them to kill themselves or to do evil, they must be deal with accordingly, is a war people need to win.

2Corinth 10:5

If God is to show you all negative traits in the people even among us, you will be amazed.

Discouragement, weariness, those who are fearful, frustrations in marriage.

All these are not strange but so common to men in this world.

Not because Christians do not know how to deal with these things.or

to say People are no more interested in continuing living in this world.

Rather people choose to live with these setbacks through life.

Our background and environment did not shape us to live otherwise.

People including Christians are not willing to battle and fight and win.

But sometimes people battle all the time on a defensive mode.

For example, if you ask a discouraged person to just die and go to heaven just because life is not giving him or her the best -that person will run, nobody is ready depart to heaven yet.

  • You will not be in that state ever again………because God is reminding you that you are a better soldier in Him.
  • God wants you to be a good soldier in His army.
  • God is talking to us and training us, equipping us to be seasoned soldiers of the kingdom.(Deuteronomy 8:3)

Psalm 144:1

Blessed be the Lord my strength. Which teaches my hands to war and my fingers to fight.

David was a warrior who conquered, and he was satisfied with life

1Kings 1:1-4

  • After this message, do not be the weak Christian, you are numbered among the army, and your contribution adds up.
  • Your victory is our victory and your defeat also affect us and bring shame to the Camp you belong.
  • You are part of the body of Christ -so keep the standard of a victorious soldier.

If you are afraid God will remove you from being part of His army

2Thimothy 1:7

In the book of Judges 7:1-3 we see a perfect example of people God did not like to be part of His army.

Do not you ever think that you are the only ones God is recruiting to join His army.

In the book of numbers 1:1-4


So, what are we saying, life is a battle?

Life is all about fighting and there is nothing you can do about that.

The only choice you have is to choose whether you want to win or want to lose in life.

To get a job is a fight, to keep a happy marriage and home you need to be a fighter.

Even to sleep peacefully is a fight, if you don’t wrestle they will not allow you to sleep

In fact the enemy like robbing people while man is sleeping Math 13:25

The story of Jabes

Jabes needed to fight his foundation, where everybody else has failed

1Chronicles 4: 1-10

You need to identify the area in your life where you have to battle as a soldier of God

Family rejection

The art of the Christian war


Know the word and learn from Jesus the art of war.

Jesus will always say it is written, using, and quoting the word. Math 4:4

That is the reason that a soldier of God, be in your regalia.

God gave uniform and weapons for war to His army.

Ephesians 6: 13-18


Rejoice in the Lord -the army is not complete if there is no department of singers.

Learn the art of praisng God in battle, a seasoned soldier must know how to praise God

2 Chronicle 20: 12-25

The world is changing fast and affecting and impacting negatively on many.

The world is closing in on us and it is time to be brave soldiers of Christ

We must stop thinking how weak and vulnerable we are

Feeling weak and useless is not from God.

In conclusion

2 Samuel 23: 8 -39

Brave warriors’ names are on record in the word of God -the bible.

These are brave soldiers recognised for their bravery.

Soldiers who trusted in God and God wrought victories through them.

They were strong in their generation; we also need to be strong in our generation.

You need to make up your mind and act like a soldier in life, you are not a civilian.

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