Prophetic Healing and Deliverance service

John 5: 1-9

Rejoicing in the Lord is the gateway to miracles

In John 5 we learn that in Jerusalem there was a feast of the Jews.

When you are talking about a feast, it is a special occasion and you expect good things to dominate the party

Normally best food is prepared

Best drinks are prepared

People dress well for the occasion, people will be talking about designers choice

Family and friends you have not seen for sometimes come around and meet each other

People dance and sing rejoicing for their hearts are marry

It is the best moment to look forward to

But when you are sick you cannot enjoy any of what the feast have to offer.

You cant eat the goodies, you cant dance you cant meet old friends that much

All you can hope for and desire is to be delivered from the sickness, because is a major limitation to the best the soul can enjoy.

Now in the same Jerusalem there was a pool known as Bethesda, with 5 porches and around it was a multitude of people who suffered from various sickness

The bible says that miraculous healing was taking place, when an angel of the Lord came down and stair the water.

Whoever jumped into the pool first was than immediately healed from their sickness

Although this man ended well with him being healed by Jesus, we read a very sad story of a man who was sick for 38 years who was also at the same pool.

The man was lonely, no helpers.

Family members maybe disowned him and turned their back on him

The people around did not offer a helping hand either

It could be that they where tired of him, year in year out the same sick man

Maybe his situation contributed to the fact that society wrote him off

Not even his name was known because he was rendered insignificant from what he suffered from

You will agree that the duration of his sickness is a lifetime

A lot could have happened in 38 years

Imagine if he had a gift of building, how many houses he could finished building in 38 years

Imagine if he was a gifted teacher, how many people he could have educated in 38 years

Maybe he could be a good father, a good husband, a good preacher -you name it.

But because of the sickness, his life became meaningless in all what life has to offer

The sickness was heavy upon him and it denied him a great deal

Nobody help him and the solution was very limited too -the pool with many aiming for it

Those who were less sick obviously will jump first into the pool

People cannot be there for you all the time

You better work on your relationship with God to be sound

You are in a better potion, than the man at the pool of Bethesda…………………….

But what I liked about the man though is that he never gave up the ghost, he expected to be healed one day, and it happened, but most of his life he did not enjoy, that is very sad indeed

Ecclesiates Chapeter six says……………………..

You won blame him that much because the healing of the pool is what he new and nothing else

I believe even when Jesus came and asked him if he wants to be healed, he expected Jesus to carry him into the pool

But Jesus only spoke the word “pick up your bed and go””and immedialtley his healing manifested.

Let us becareful to hear God when he speak to us and do what he says

Therein is our deliverance we so much desire.

In the book of Matha;15 Jesus strongly rebuked the tradition of man …..

Similarly we also have bad habits that content with the gospel and this form barriers to our faith.

Bad habits hinders God’s power to work and as a result prolong our suffering

We must enjoy life because that is the will of our father for mankind

When god says sing, you choose to complain

When God say shout, you ask for what, I will keep quite

When God say dance, than you chose to be sorrowful

We are used to this bad habits so much so that you don’t thing that life can be different

Can you ever imagine life without stress, without sickness, without quarrelling.

It is time, your deliverance is in you shouting

Your deliverance is in you singing

Your deliverance is in you dancing

Zephania 3: 13-20

Prayer point

Kill the spirit of worries, complaining, sorrow

Pray for the spirit of rejoicing over your life and the church


1 Chronicles 25;1

We are singing, we are dancing, we are shouting Haaallelujaaa to the Lord

I have many many many reason to praise the Lord O!

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