1.)  Saints are God’s representatives. Job.1:8-10 

  • God used Job us to provoke Satan to jealousy.
  • We are the light and the salt of the earth. So Satan wants to fight and defeat us.

2.)  Satan wants to convert the saints to his own representatives.      All sinners and backsliders represent Satan.

3.) He envies saints. He would like to go to heaven if he had the chance. He is jealous of the saints.  Job.1:9.     

4.) Hatred comes from envy He hates the saints. So Satan is our adversary, always looking for whom to devour.

1 Pet.5:7 

5.) Satan is proud and He wants success, and so he creates sinners by working on the saints, and winning them to his side.

Lift up your hand s and say loud: “Satan will not use me for the downfall of others in Jesus name.”

6.)He fights the saints to revenge on God. Rev 12:7-13

How does he fight saints?

1. Attacks them by tempting them to sin.

–  Sin removes all your defense.  Sin removes all protection

–  Balam saw no sin in the children of Israel. Num.23:23-30:Numbers   


–  So Satan sent women and idols to them.

–  God’s anger was kindled 23 000 fell because of sin and of       immorality.1 COR.10


2.  Satan attacks through family members, church members etc.        Job.23

3.  Satan focuses on the saints hearts.   Ps.11:12

–   The wicked focuses on the righteous.He takes people’s heart through wrong thoughts.

–  Hearts, life , home, ministry etc.  all can be captured         through wrong thoughts AND DESIRES.

4.  What does Satan aim at?

1.  The righteousness of the Saints.  James.4:17 ; 1Joh.5:17.

2.  Satan aims at steadfastness Job.13:15.

–   Though he slay me I will be steadfast.

–   I will maintain the way of prayer, God’s word and integrity.

–   Satan sought to sift Peter away from righteousness.

3.  Satan likes to take the faith.Fight the good fight of faith. 1 Tim.6:12  – 

4.  He wants to take the testimony away.  We shall continue to say good things of Christ, we  must always preach His name.  We must always say the same thing about Christ and His church. Rev.12:11 


i)    By righteousness Job.2:3.

ii)   By commitment Rev.12:11.

      ( not loving their lives unto death )

      I will fight till the end prayer

      Bible things of God will not slack. Job.13:15.

iii)  By God’s provision. 2 Sam.22:30, Rev.12:11.

God’s Provisions

1.  The Blood of Christ.

2.  God’s Word. Claim God’s Word.

3.  The name of Jesus is a strong tower.

4.  Support from fellow Saints.

5.  Prayer. 1 Tim.6:12.

6 Discipline Devotional Life

 Self-denial, keeping the body in control. Self-control or temperance.

–  Discipline is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.Gal.5:22-23 – – one of the requirements of leadership. Titus.2:2   1 Cor.9:24-27

–  Discipline is needed for success in any area of life.

3 Essential Requirements

1.  Goal

2.  Strong will

3.  Diligence

Goal or Purpose

Heb.12:2 – Jesus is our perfect example.

–  Set goals and vision.

–  You cannot go higher than the purpose you set for yourself.

–  Without purpose life is just routine.

–  Our goal must be in context of God’s will.

–  We must be willing to accept God’s will or purpose, no matter     how high.

–  Our goal must not depend on our capabilities that we might depend on God who does not share his glory with man.

–  If my goal is at my capabilities level, I am to acknowledge


–  God delights in helping his servants.2 Cor.12:9 says  My grace is suffient for thee.

–  Let’s focus more on God’s greatness. God strength is made perfect in our weakness.

John.14:6-13 – Caleb asked for the mountain of the Anakims

Paul says he can do all things through Christ who strengthens.

–  Strong Will = Capacity to decide and stand by it, despite all obstacles and contrary forces or voices.

– Sense of Sight) Hearing) Can make us give up our goal.


  • Man tripatite being being Spirit, soul and body.

–  The flesh likes the easy way out but God does not always operate like that hence any goal born of the flesh will hurt God.

– Flesh and spirit work contrary to each other.Gal.5:7

Rom.12:2 – If you want the Spirit to fully control you, you must renew your mind by God’s word.

–  Our will must be stronger than all obstacles e,g, 

–  Daniel, Shedrack, Meshac, Abednego had strong will the the flesh could not them.

–  The same with Joseph and Jesus Christ.  Lk.9:51

–  Diligence is the next thing we need.

2 Peter.1:5-10 – We must have deliberate serious effort added in                   our faith.

–  Areas where discipline must be exercised:

a)  Faith refuses to doubt at heart, utterances, acting.            Rom.4:16-22 – It takes discipline to refuse to speak.

b)  Tongue – No speaking carelessly angrily or doubt.  Mt.12:36

                                                               Ex.14:13-14 – Jews murmured and gave up, but Moses’s response was                positive.

–  HolinessJob.31:1 – Job made a covenant with his eyes, not                           to lust after women through his eyes.

–  We must covenant our eyes, hearts, mouths and bodies.Rom.6 no part of our body to be used as instruments of unrighteous.

–  We must surrender our all to God.  Rom.16:32 by covenant.

–  Soul Winning

–  Bible Study – Job.23:12

–  Prayer – Daniel disciplined himself in his prayer.

–  Careers, studies etc.

Prov.16:32 – You are more than conqueror if you rule your                     spirit.

–  Discipline is a choice we make to please God. 

How To Develop A Disciplined Devotional Life

Deut.10:12 – Requirement from Israel – to fear him walks in his               ways and love him and serve him with all his heart and soul.

–  The heart must be there, it must not be divided.

–  Serving God for ill motives is unacceptable.

–  You must develop disciplined devotional life.

–  A devotional heart = devotional life and fruitful life and      ministry.

Prov.4:23 – Keep thy heart with all diligence, with the heart we              pray, teach, preach, sing i.e. serve.

–  Those who succeed either in good or bad things their heart is     in it.

–  If we read the bible and the heart is not there no reward.     Mk.7:31

–  Evil proceeds from the heart, good things also.

–  Whatever we give our hearts to will rule us – food, devil,      money or God who’s ruling your heart?

–  God is asking for the heart. My Son give me your heart Prov.23:26    

–  What is the meaning of devotional heart = heart fully given to God, in which God is enthroned.

–  God cantered and heavenly minded heart – David’s testimony.  

–  Pouring your heart unto the Lord in time in need.

–  David poured out the captain’s water.

–  Deut.10:12 – Love = gives all.

Phil.3:7 – I count all loss for Christ’s sake.

Mt. 13:44 – Treasure of the kingdom fruitful quiet time.

–  Dry quiet time = no devotional heart.

–  Time to check our lives to appropriate our ministry.

Mk.1:35 – He rose up early and went to solitary place there he            prayed.

–  No success without devotion.-  Jesus was busy, yet he rose up early and understood devotional time.

–  See yourself in God’s programme. It came into his heart…

–  Devotional heart, Joseph would have lived in sin in Egypt but     he saw himself in God’s programme and understood that God had     a counsel.

–  Prepare and be ready to Christ’s coming.

Heb.13:14 says we have no continuing city here we seek the one to come.

Lk.21:34 says Lest your heart be overcome with surfeit and over drinking.

–  Consecration to be committed to – to commitment to decisions      that would make us spiritual.

–  Settled faith in God even when it seems failure comes even      after hearing his voice.  Rom.8:32

–  Sanctified heart = holy heart, holy zeal, holy consecration.

–  Spirit-filled heart in singing, is rejoicing following the      Lord.

–  That’s how devil cannot condemn us in healthy devotional heart    life.


1) 2 Tim.2:19-22 – Vessel unto honour.

2) 2 Pet.1:4-8 – Fruitful ministery if devotion abides.

3) Full proof of ministry.

4) Stability to the end

Pet.1:10 – If you do this things  i.e. seaching oneself each                day, loving God, continue hearing from God in                   obedience  such can’t fall.

5) Getting to heaven at last.  1 Cor.9:27 renewal.

Col.3:23-24 – Serving God aright serving Him heartily.

–  If preaching, prayer, teaching, giving etc don’t come from     the heart – no reward – no heaven – no stability.

Prayers against Satanic Attacks On Our Spiritual Growth And Calling.  Matt.16:18.

1.  I destroy the power of every satanic arrest in my life by      the blood of Jesus Christ.

2.  All satanic fighters and arresters, release me now by the        blood of Jesus Christ.

3.  Let the blood of Jesus flush out every dirt in my spiritual      pipe in the name of Jesus Christ.

4.  I command every spiritual contamination in my life to receive      cleansing by the blood of Jesus Christ.

5.  Lord teach me to die to self by your precious blood.

6.  Spirit of the living God quicken my whole being by the blood      of Jesus Christ.

7.  Holy Spirit open my eyes to see beyond the visible and make      the invisible real to me by the blood of Jesus Christ.

8.  Let my spiritual pipe receive the blood of Jesus Christ against all contaminations in the name of Jesus.

9.  Holy Spirit open my eyes and let me love the revelational       vision of in the name of Jesus Christ

10. Oh Lord liberate my spirit to follow every leading of the       Holy spirit by the blood of Jesus Christ.

11. Holy Spirit help me to pray through all problems by the blood      of Jesus Christ and in the name of Jesus.

12. O Lord deliver me now from the lies I normal tell myself.      Deliver me also from all the lies the enemy tells me, by the      blood of Jesus Christ.

13. Every power hindering my spiritual growth and sensitivity be      destroyed now by the blood of Jesus Christ.

14. Every strongman behind my spiritual blindness and deafness      be bound by the blood of Jesus Christ.

15. I anoint my eyes and ears with the blood of Jesus Christ that they may see and hear wondrous things from heaven.

16. Oh Lord smash my pride by your precious blood.

17. Holy Spirit uncover my darkest secrets to me and heal my        spiritual and physical life in the name of Jesus Christ.

18. Every unwanted stranger in my life be flushed out now, by the      blood of Jesus Christ.

19. You enemies of the gospel of truth in my life be destroyed      by the blood of Jesus Christ.

20. Oh Lord Jesus nail me to your cross by your divine power Christ.

21. Father deliver us from confusion, murmuring and backsliding      in the times of trials in the name of Jesus Christ.

22.  Father keep us trusting in you at all times in the name of Jesus Christ.

23.  Father let not your peace ever depart from us in the mighty      name of Jesus Christ.

24.  Let every rebellion flee from our hearts in the name of Jesus Christ.

25.  We refuse to wear the garment of sorrow and tribulation in      the name of Jesus Christ

26.  Father Lord lead us not into temptation and deliver us from      all evils in the name of Jesus Christ.

27.  Father reveal to us the secrets of all enemies by the blood      of Jesus Christ.

28.  Father in Jesus name, remove from us every root of irritation      that keeps anger alive in us by the blood of Jesus Christ.

29.  Oh Lord produce in us the power of self -control, gentleness      and commitment to your ways by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Thank God for answered prayer

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