A believer has fire that must not die out
  • In the circular world fire is useful and central to human existence
  • We use fire to light up our environment because no child of light like darkness, we use the fire to keep warm
  • We use the same fire to cook our food.
  • I remember long ego when you come from cattle heading ………….
  • The older man reaction is more serious
  • Remember the story of Esau and Jacob –losing a birthright
  • Some traditions just like the God commanded in Leviticus, is a serious offence you commit when the fire place, olupale, otjoto is without fire.

Fire in its own spice up the atmosphere around you

Nobody like darkness, when night falls everybody come closer to the fire

Darkness represent danger in many forms, scorpions and snakes, wolves included use darkness to move and hunt

Witches and wizards use darkness to want to drink the blood of people but if you have fire you repel them.

And they don’t like to see you with fire because you become difficult for them.

Leviticus 6:8-13

Fire  to keep burning on the alter is commandment from God

And we people of God we have alters within us the same way churches have alters. Remember that God said that you are the temple of the Holy Ghost. 1Corinth 6:19

Just as the physical church has an alter so even the place where the Holy Spirit dwells in your body is an altar.

Now in our leading scriptures, God commanded his priests that

Fire on the alter must not die even so fire within us must not die

This command is for every believer, children of God, because the fire is special, look how it is treated…………………………

In order to serve better, evangelise, sing better when the fire is burning because all the things we do is our sacrifices we offer to God

You don’t want to offer sacrifices that are not accepted

Remind me of the offering between Cain and Abel……………..

In politics for example…………………

Psalm 20 & Malachi 3: 14

  • Understand that every believer and follower  of Jesus Christ is a priest
  • You are not ordinary or small in any form, because you are empowered and have authority over sicknesses, demons and all powers of darkness. That is the expected standard
  • You are even more powerful than the greatest witch ever anointed by satan himself.
  • All these this undesirable things that manifest is because of lack fire.
  • And you become an easy target for destruction –somebody say I need fire
  • Luke 10:1 & 17-21
  • Jesus appointed other disciples apart from the twelve we know
  • Their specific names are not mentioned
  • Their status in society is not known –their economic level obviously is not the same
  • Their background is not mentioned –what they suffered from in the past individually obviously not stated
  • But they believe, because they believe, the Lord was pretty ready to work with them and released power on them that disgraced the works of darkness.
  • They caused so much havoc to the kingdom of satan, and Jesus saw satan himself fall
  • Your profile is very big and great      ——— 1Peter 2:9

Tell your neighbor thats me right there.

Most important component of a believer is fire

Math. 3 :11

  • God knows that your enemy will only give way when the burn by the fire you carry
  • Even the fire of God cannot be quenched, we see that in verse 12 of Math 3 , we also let our fire not die
  • Exodus 19:18- Moses and also Daniel

Apart from service -You need fire because:

  • What kills temptation is fire, the fact that you keep falling by the same sin is because you allowed the fire to die out.
  • Especially with the sins that seems to be enjoyable like fornication, masturbation, pornography, little alcohol, mood swings, today you are happy tomorrow not
  • Just check the wood on the alter and put more fire
  • What is it that maintain the fire in Christians
  • Fire raises high when you pray
  • Prayer is the wood to keep the fire burning Math: 26: 31- 45
  • Maybe your own is that sin you enjoy, but we see that through prayer a very difficult and sour temptation came to Jesus in the scripture we read.
  • But because the fire of Jesus was burning perfectly well Jesus could overcome—explain
  • God worn us that the fire must never die out
  • To survive  pestilences  been released on earth today, put more fire. Thing of corona virus
  • To be raptured is when Jesus find your fire burning when he comes back—read Luke 21:36
  • There is a very scary parable in the book of Math 25: 1-13 lets read
  • The bible says that the girls where all virgins –meaning that they were pure and holy
  • All have the same mission to wait on the return of the Lord  just as we all are waiting on His return even in this church
  • The problem was that the foolish did not have oil
  • Oil symbols fuel to make the fire burning
  • We see again that fire is e prerequisite when waiting on the second coming of the Lord.
  • In the book of Revelation God hates to see people who are not on fire in whatever they are doing Revel 3:16
  • I am sure you don’t want to be hated by God because of one thing, lack of fire
  • Somebody say that will not be my portion in the name of Jesus
  • Hebrew 12:25 -29

Prayer points

  • Salvation for all who are not yet born again –come forward
  • Lord forgive all my sins that in my life, my heart
  • Baptize me with fire that will burn into eternity in the name of Jesus

Let us release the fire from this church to enter the entire nation for revival today

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