A day of divine visitation

Psalm 42:1-11

What do you do when you are hopeless?

What you do when you are extremely desperate over something whatever that may be

What do you do when you feel helpless?

What do you do when life has lost its meaning and you find no pleasure in it anymore?

Psalm 11:3

Don’t allow you foundation to be destroyed- that foundation is Jesus

People are weary and need to be encouraged Hebrew 12:12

God hate lukewoarmnes Reveletion 3:15

Lukewormness is a sign of the end of the world (Daniel ‘ prophesy( Daniel 12:7 and 2 Thessalonian 2:3

Don’t be a prisoner of hopelessness

Don’t be a prisoner of unending desperation

Don’t be a prisoner of sorrow because life lost meaning in your life

Children of God face challenges to, but understanding of Christ is what makes the difference.

In John 16: 33

Jesus expect us also to overcome, just as he did

Remember that after the victory, there is always a sweet celebration

Jesus save, He is the savior in all situation. He is not called the PRINCE OF PEACE for nothing. Isiah 9:1-7

There is a day set apart for divine visitation in your life.

But the day can be delayed because people are not mature when it come to spiritual matters. People run away from God when they are blessed by God.

The main reason is the saving of soul when God is looking for you. Mark 8:36,37

In the book of Proverb 30: 7-9 is a prayer all mankind need to pray, never underestimate the power of money.


Isiah 49:15-16explain

The anointed one, the only son of the most high is able, He is more than able to attend to any situation in your life

Desire a day of divine visitation when God will put an end to your troubles. Look forward to it in your life, in your family, in your situation, with all certainty that moment is coming.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for such who are in situation like yours, when He is done, you will have no choice but to give glory to his holy name. don’t just forget to give Him glory

Don’t make your adverse situations to rule over you forever. You are passing through, that is not your destination

Desire the day of divine visitation- Jesus will visit you at an appointed time.

Luke 4:16-21

Jesus telling you that God has anointed Him

To proclaim freedom to the prisoners of any kind or situation which imprisoned you, Jesus is speaking every oppression in your life today to lift.

As you here the preaching of this message, may you receive healing in the name of Jesus.

Whatever situation has imprison your life-receive freedom from it in the name of Jesus.

For anyone who was hopeless and not knowing what to do, see Jesus and be saved permanently –in the name of Jesus.

Understand that Jesus Christ came to save for two major reason:

To save you from the troubles of satan in this world now so that you can enjoy the peace in Him

Secondly Jesus came to save you so that you can live with Him in eternity( to make you righteous for heaven)

Mark 10:29-30

In this scripture we clearly see that earthly blessing is guaranteed and eternity is guaranteed if you are a follower of Christ. Nothing must move you.

So in essence, the troubles you are facing now, the bible calls it persecution, and they cannot destroy you.

If you know the God we are serving and who is by your site, relax while in prayer, don’t panic, don’t despair. The day of divine visitation is at hand

Don’t make hardship a normalcy, we are not hopeless people.

God has good plans for our lives although it does not look like that at the moment JEREMIAH 29:11

Wednesday service, the Lord reminded us about the desert stretch or the desert expanse.

Just as the children of Israel experience the journey through the desert, we also do experience the same even though not physical desert as they did

The Challenges of the journey in the desert

The journey was long

The food

The thirst

The complaining

There is a spiritual desert too even for children of God

You pray-

You fast

You cry out

But if you lack understanding you might miss the promise land.

Not all the children of Israel entered the promise land, because the challenges posed by the journey forced them to take wrong decisions

I pray that it will not be your portion in the name of Jesus.

You will not miss your promise land in the name of Jesus

You will not miss your day of divine visitation in the name of Jesus.

Understand also, you are not the first to go through those challenges, but how you behave and do is what matter most

Always strive to end well ……………………….

David understood in psalm 42(read it again)

In time of persecution, the more they come the closer they must bring you to God

It is only God who can deliver in hopeless looking situations

David cried day and night, people even ask where is God, mocking and persecuted

But David addressed his soul not to be down cast but to continue hoping in God

David had an assurance that the time of divine visitation will come when he will still praise God.

Have an expectation, have an expectation Psalm 121- final reading


Rejoice in the Lord, I say rejoice, rejoice in the Lord

I have no other God but you, I have no other God but you


  • My God my creator, my soul thirst for you fill me with your presence, I have no other God but you.
  • Anybody, any situation in my life, asking where is my God, let them receive surprises to their questions-in the name of Jesus
  • Jesus let your light shine in my life and let all form of darkness disappear-in the name Jesus
  • Heal me O Lord, and I shall be healed, save me and I shall be saved for you are my praise.

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