A covenant that will fight for you

There is a need to highlight the significance of this scriptures, as it somehow affect many of us, including born again Christians

My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge HOSEA 4:6

People who don’t know God run the high risk of destruction because of the lack of knowledge, but children of God we are indifferent some -how. Our believing and faith is at times not good enough as it should, we keep our faith shallow we don’t do exploits. In the book of Daniel 11:32

For people who don’t walk with God live by chance, accept what life through at them( bad luck, lucky) or alternatively take situations by force, including wrong actions and therein glorifying satan unknowingly

For the children of God, the is a serious need to be build capacity and character –in order to sustain the God given victory by changing negative habits

For people who know and walk with God  have a self-imposed walls or barriers hindering breakthroughs.

  • The self- imposed walls of unbelieve and fear –Math14: 22-32
  • The self- impost barrier of exclusion do family history -like me I don’t thing that can happen to me, nobody ever in our family achieved 1Chronicle4: 1-10
  • The self- imposed wall of mediocrity and ignorance Genesis 4:1-7
  • The self-imposed barrier of comfort. Amos 6:1
  • The self -imposed barrier of laziness and prayerlessness and not fasting, period Mark9: 29

Today is our miracle service, therefore have an expectation for sign and wonders.

I speak by the spirit of the Lord, in this year God will avenge His children

In the book of Exodus 15:3

The bible says that God is a man of war

Meaning God has enemies, the enemies of His children are God’s enemies –therefore God will fight for us against the enemies of our salvation, enemies of our peace, progress, enemies of our liberty and the enemies fighting the word of God

I said you have a covenant –God will use the covenant to fight for us

What is a covenant –it is a Latin word( con venire) meaning coming together in agreeing and including agreeing on promises of God.

Understand that the covenant of God cannot be changed, unlike contracts of man.

Example marriages of this day( is a covenant) but the problem…….

Understand that the covenant of God does not die, God is an eternal. And God extend the covenant from generation to generation. This covenant cannot be broken (Abraham –Jacob)

Therefore the promises of God on HEALING

The promises of God on victory in any area of your life remain open, to the one who believe –somebody say I believe

God wants you to believe that your deliverance must manifest because the covenant will fight for you.

The covenant of God defends His children and the same covenant is used to destroy and judge your enemies.

In the book Exodus 4:24-26

Zepora understood the  power of the covenant and she invoked it to safe the husband against the wrath of God ( this was commanded by the Lord

Tonight God is invoking the covenant He has with us

In the book of Exodus 6:1 -8

God did it before and He will do it again in our lives.

Tell yourselves that I will receive my miracle today, by covenant.- -in the name of Jesus.

Don’t run the risk of suffering unnecessary while you have God Almighty on your side.

The children of Israel overstayed in their suffering. They got used to the hardship of Egypt, the servitude became part of their culture –to a point that they wanted to go back to Egypt in the process of their deliverance. They were even complaining.( about food, onion ,garlic)

Today we are invoking the covenant we have with God. This covenant must fight for us.

Identify the areas in your life and invoke the covenant for your deliverance.

Don’t keep silence until you are totally free –No silence diplomacy for a child of God who is suffering

Remember that it has been said, a close mouth is a closed destiny.

God only delivered the children of Israel when he heard their cry

Prayer points

Father, in the name of Jesus, forgive all my sins, including my unbelieve.

As from today every spirit you have not deposited in me, remove it in the name of Jesus.

Father increase my faith for exploits that will bring glory to your name.

Father every wall of fear in my life still standing against myself –let it break –in the name of Jesus.

Father every wall of ignorance around me, let it break in the name of Jesus.

Satanic imposed comforts in my life –I reject you by fire –in the name of Jesus.

Father in the name of Jesus, fight for me against all my enemies by the covenant I have with you.

Let us pray for the team in the mission


Covenant keeping

You are God from beginning to the end

Winner o oo winner, win

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