Your silence can kill your testimony

You can kill your testimony, when you decide to keep quite concerning the good deeds God has done in  your life. you are an advocate and as such market the kingdom of God effectively.

The works of God are in signs and wonder and bring us exceeding joy and amusement, and therefore makes it difficult to remain silent

God does not want us to be quite when He does something good n our lives Luke 8: 39,  (Acts 1: 8)

Understand also that when you testify about Jesus on earth, will speak for you as a defense on the judgement day Math:10: 32-33

We need to confess God and proclaim his wonders, by so doing we exalt Him and Give God the glory He deserve.

The issue of testifying about Jesus is highly contested by the enemy. Shame, fear and inferiority will attack. In most cases you prefer to be quite and regret later. Even in church you are afraid

You give excuse  of communication barrier – speak in the language you are comfortable with

Today God will deliver us. 1John: 4:4

What happen when you testify

You make others faith to grow and depend on God

The enemy gets defeated immediately and feel weak and useless Reveletion 12:11

When you testify, God will release more testimonies in your life

When you testify, you become bold and fear and worries will minimize, each time you testify you get better.

David understood the power of testimony

In 1 Samuel 17:2237( explain)

In 2Kings 8:1-6

The acts of God never expire

Seven years has passed

Develop a high interest in testifying

The testimony ramify to give birth to others

The testimony provoke divine favour

Testimony bring restoration of all what your adversary took or stole.

Prayer points

I will not swallow my testimony in the name of Jesus

I reject shame and fear concerning the gospel of Jesus Christ

Father today, give me a spirit of boldness to speak about the kingdom of God without fear

My testimony of come and see, manifest by fire in the name of Jesus

My mouth will be louder than the mouths of my enemies


What a mighty God we serve, what a mighty, what a mighty, what a mighty God we serve , what a mighty God we serve.

We give glory to the Lord He reign, giving glory to the Lord He reign

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