There is a song of victory –for a child of God

Song –Like a dear panther thirsted for the water, my soul thirsted after you
Psalm 126: 1-6
There is a song of victory every child of God need to sing at an appointed time.
I know many of us like to sing ordinarily
When they wake up, when in the shower, because you feel good, but
There is a particular moment you sing a song of victory when God does something of great significance to you.
Now is the appointed time for somebody and I pray that your spirit pick this up right away.
We are talking about the 7th month, which is the second part of the year 2018(promises of God still stand. (Some have testimonies and others still have to testify. We thank God for those who have their testimonies according to the promises of God for 2018.
Many Christian feel that are still stuck with the same challenges they have been experiencing for many years
And therefore have questions and doubts as to whether God will do something. You maybe feel forgotten
The challenges are real and painful and these challenges varies from person to person,
To some is simply to land the job they have trusted God for –compromising on their God given dignity, and making them feel less important in society
Some have been praying for life partner and age seems to be against them and everybody is talking and mocking the glory of God in their lives
Some need the fruit of the womb and age seems to counting against them, bringing doubt and fear and worries.
Some the sickness they suffered for that long seems to be persisting, and human doctors have no answers to it. They have nowhere else to look for solution, apart from God Almighty –don’t go witch doctors or false prophets. God heard your cry.
You are not the only one, to experience those challenges, neither are you the first.
Many are asking who will do us any good?
Hardship of life seems to be on the increase
Loneliness, lack of finances, lack of progress, frustrations upon frustrations.
Psalm 4:1-8
In verse 5 of Psalm 4 the word of God says if you trust in the Lord through those challenges, is a righteous sacrifice and God is pleased with you and in due time your song will be heard.
The promise of God is that when He deliver you, the joy in your heart will be greater than those who are happy when their harvest increase and your sleep will be sleep.
God has seen your frustration: the bible says in the book of Ecclesiastes 9:11 promise everyone living a wonderful promise
Understand that you are part of the equation, don’t feel left out.
Tell your neighbor fear not, your time of visitation is hear
Divine visitation
God is ever working, never think that He is quite and for sure what He is doing now will give you a song you cannot ignore to sing
John 5:17
The appointed time, the time of God’s favour upon your life is now, and the song of victory for His children must be heard. Halleluya! X2
Understand that the favour that will give you a song in your soul is the doing of God Almighty. – Favour like Scheus Luke 19
Favour like theprodigal son Luke 15
Favour like Rahab
If you have been around since the beginning of the year
The year 2018 God gave an assurance
To fight for us and to protect us against all our enemies
The theme for the Convention speak significantly that He is coming to us as Jehovah Sabaoth.
Pslam 94:1-23
Many of you are familiar with this word by now. Understand one thing that this word is for me and you. This promise must play out during my time.
The Anchor for 2018, the message is loud and clear that God will avenge His people this year. Don’t lose sight of what God is saying and doing in this season.
It is important to note that there is no deliverance without restoration. I repeat there is no deliverance without restoration; restoration is part of your deliverance.
The children of Israel when they left the land of Egypt, the land of slavery, looted and took all what they need.
Don’t exclude yourself
Don’t belittle the move of God in this year.
God wants you to sing the song of victory, because there is a song every child of God have to sing.
I said there is a victory song for every child of God, and that song must be heard
Psalm 126: 1-6
Explain verse by verse
Don’t let this season pass you by
Make up your mind to be a part taker in the blessings God is releasing on His children
Your song of victory can be hindered by the following but don’t give room to the devil –be vigilant
The enemy does not want you to sing your song of victory
And will through hurdles on you
The spirit of frustration: frustration is a spirit whose purpose is to discourage and eventually defeat people. I have good news for you, whatever frustrated you before-I prophesy an end to it in the name of Jesus.
Receive a lifting today, and sing your song of victory
The spirit of promiscuity: commit immorality.
This spirit does not mind age, beauty –stop it immediately, In the name of Jesus let the power of promiscuity be broken.
The spirit of backsliding and prayerlessness is where it starts. When your prayer alter is dead, you become an easy victim of all temptation from Satan.
Before preaching –prayer
Before singing –prayer
Before ushering –prayer
Before sleeping –prayer
Before travelling –prayer
The spirit of fear: don’t be a senior student on fear, fear must not rule your life. I have good news for you –God is in control, put Jesus in your hear and fear will give way
Spirit of confusion and doubt: Whatever made you faith to waiver-let it be removed today in the name of Jesus.
Alter call:
Lead people to Christ.
(Alter call: sickness, unemployment,)
Prayer points
I am getting out of all negative circumstances in the name of Jesus
Every power working against my advancement, receive the arrow of fire, burn to ashes in the name of Jesus
Every power working against the peace of my life, receive the arrow of fire, burn to ashes in the name of Jesus.
You evil strongman attached to my family, receive the arrow of fire and be consumed to ashes in the name of Jesus
Every household wickedness, receive the arrow of fire, burn to ashes in the name of Jesus.
Every spirit of financial failure, receive the arrow of fire, burn to ashes in the name of Jesus
I clear away the hidden places of the enemy in my life in the name of Jesus.
My breakthrough that will make me sing a song of victory in 2018, manifest speedily in the name of Jesus.
Any power sitting or hindering my breakthrough, receive the arrow of fire , burn to ashes in the name of Jesus.
All good paths , that have been closed, open in the name of Jesus.
As you mention the situation, shout, receive the arrow of fire, burn to ashes- in the name of Jesus 3x
every anti-progress spirit
all powers revealing my secrets to the enemy
every evil friend that has been sent into my business
every unprofitable attachment to my prayer life
every power blocking the anointing of God in my life
every serpentine spirit
all satanic attackers in the dream
every spirit of demotion and backwardness
I send every bondage back to the sender, in the name of Jesus.
Father let the people never ask where is their God, deliver me speedily in the name of Jesus.
Song –na so so wonder Jesus they do for me

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