Believe, be baptize and be saved

Mark 16: 14- 16
The bible says that he that believe and is baptized shall be saved
Believing in Christ produces an inward change in our hearts, and being baptized in water is an outward act of obedience, by which we testify of the changes that has taken place in our hearts

Many people believe in Christ but yet many are not baptized in water, why? Because:
They are ashamed to do it because people are watching them
Others are afraid to do it, they ask what will happen after I do that, will I still be the same or else
Some don’t understand it and don’t do anything about it to understand what baptism is all about.
Others the enemy bring pride in them and they reason within themselves, me ? to do that, I believe in Jesus and that is enough, I cannot do that

I am here to tell you that if that was your behavior towards baptism, the enemy is playing a mind game with you to keep you from obeying the Lord of your salvation.
Understand also that, whatever bring fear, shame and pride is from the evil one, and not from God who created you and who want the best for you.
You need to take a step of faith and overcome all your fears and worries and get baptized.
When we get baptized, must understand that we are doing a righteous act in the eyes of God, and that God is well pleased with that.
Jesus did it, He was baptized and God reacted immediately and spoke out of heaven.
God said that He was well pleased with Jesus, just because he got baptized
We also see that John the Baptist wanted to refuse to be the one to baptize Jesus. He thought he is not worthy to be the one to baptize Jesus. But Jesus insisted that it has to be done by all means, in order to fulfill all righteousness.

1. What is Baptism and what does it mean
Baptism is a process when a believer in Christ, acting in obedience, is submerged in water and rise ou of the water again
This process symbolizes and identify with the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ when He died and rose again after three days
Colossian 2: 12
When you go under water, in baptism, you burry your old nature of sin with Jesus and when you rise out of the water, you also become a new person with the glory of Jesus Christ

This means that:
If you use to be a liar, after baptism the power of lies is broken
If you used to steal, the spirit of stealing is broken
If you use to steal or cheat, you will not steal again
If you were a drunkard before, the power of alcohol over your life is broken
If you used to be a victim of anger, the power of uncontrollable anger will vanish
If you use to be a loser before, after baptism, your name will change to Victor or Victoria
After baptism HIV/AIDS, Cancer, TB will be healed completely
Satanic bondages and oppressions over your life will be broken and you become a new person in Christ
Let us read and support it with scriptures Colossian 2:12 -15

2. where is Baptism from?
Math 21: 23- 27
In the scripture we read
Jesus uses baptism to signify the origin and importance of baptism
Jesus is teaching us that baptism is from God the father and in who’s authority Jesus as well as John the Baptist are operating.
So baptism is not an invention of man at all

3. who should be baptized?

Everybody living on earth need to be baptized
The bible says that all have sin and become short of the glory of God
Therefore mankind is given a wonderful opportunity to be free rom the plague of sin

In the book of Luke 3: 1-3, we get clarity that baptism first of all is for repentance and in turn repentance is what will lead to forgiveness of sins( nota bene)

People understand what is meaned by forgivenss of sins, but the repentance part of it they do not understand or they think is not that important,
The responsibility of forgiving sin belongs to Jesus
The responsibility of repenting is a responsibility of manking
Understand also that it is an individual responsibility( tell your neighbor……………..

That is the reason why baptism is not for children, but for adults who are able to understand this things
According to the bible babies are supposed to be dedicated because they have no understanding of repentance

Josef and Marry the parents of Jesus did exactly that, to dedicate Jesus when He was still a baby.
Let us read Luke 2: 22-27

It is also very important to note that when John the Baptist before he baptized, he preached to adults hard messages which provoked people because he was addressing the sins in their lives.
He addressed Tax collectors
He addressed Teachers of the Law
He addressed false Accusers and Witnesses
He addressed soldiers
The message preached was always insisting that people must bear fruits worth of repentance if they want to be saved.
Luke 3: 7-15
Example today of Christians who do not understand

If you are hear and you are not baptized. Do the right thing and obey God. God is always ready to forgive your sins
but to repent is responsibility.

Let us pray.

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