When the enemy comes in like a flood

“When the enemy comes in like a flood” Isaiah……..59:19. – In the book of. :: 2 Chro 20 Jehoshaphat king of Judah got some very bad news. – A multitude of enemies was coming to invade his nation. – His natural reaction was fear and panic, but he soon realized that he and his people needed to seek God – He proclaimed a fast throughout the land of Judah. – All the people obeyed him and came together to seek God – Jehoshaphat led the prayers vs 6-12. Let’s us examine how he prayed:

1. He worshipped God from his heart and exalted Him above all other gods.

2. He reminded God that he was the one that defeated the inhabitants of the land and blessed Judah with the land meaning they were in God’s will.

3. He reminded God that He had a covenant with Abraham His friend and that it was an everlasting covenant and that they were Abraham ‘s children

4. That they have erected an altar in the name of the Lord.

5. That God promised that whenever they come to the Altar to cry to Him He would answer and rescue them no matter the problem

6. Whatever the problem, war, pestilence, famine and even if the judgment of God was against they reminded Him that He promised to help them

7. Jehoshaphat now stated the case as he specifically reported the enemy to God 2Chron.20:10-11

8. He specifically asked God to judge the enemies for repaying them evil for good.Vs 12

– We have a lot to learn from the prayers of the King :
A. High worship and praise
B. Invocation of God’s will meaning he put them in the land. Matt 6:10;1John 3:19-22
C. Invocation of God’s powerful name John 14:12-14
D. He remembered their foundational covenant blessings through Abraham their father. They reminded God that of the everlasting covenant and covenant blessings he had made with Abraham their father
E. Never forget to deal with your foundation.If your foundation knows Jesus that’s fine otherwise deal with it seriously with the blood of Jesus Christ
F. He invoked God’s promise of answered prayers Mathew 7:7-11
G. He stated the case and told God to just judge the enemy for paying them good with devil. He was specific in his request
– The prayer was straight to the point. -There were no vain repetitions
– God is the ultimate judge and whenever you pray you are in His court room
– You must follow the protocol of the court room Ps 100
– You must not go to the court room to play, you must clearly state your case and ask for Justice , protection and deliverance from the enemy

– This is why we are spending time with the Lord in these 7 days of FASTING PRAYERS AND HEAVY PRAISE justice must be served in Jesus name ALL OUR ADVERSARIES MUST AGREE WITH US OR FACE OUR GOD Mathew 5:25-26
– The answer for the people of Judah came quicklĺy because the people were seeking God seriously
– No need for fear God told them inVs 13-14
– With God’s voice came also the clear instructions and strategy for victory Vs 16-17
– They worshipped God again after the answer came vs

18 no vain repetition
– They started to praise God with a loud voice Vs

19 How do you praise God?
– Faith in God , His written word , His Directive voice, His promises are all very important in serious battles of life
– They should lead you to thanks giving and praises not fear and vain repetitions
– They sang about God’s mercies because they realised they were not even better than the enemy Lamentation 3:20-22, Psalm 89:1
– We must humble ourselves before God and avoid being judgemental
– Of course the enemies were destroyed.God made them destroy each other Vs 21-31

You must give your life to Jesus Christ to claim all the covenant blessings Jehoshaphat was claiming, then follow his prayer pattern and begin to praise God for the type of victories and breakthroughs Jehoshaphat and his people had.God bless you in Jesus mighty name Amen.YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US IN THESE 7 DAYS OF SEEKING THE LORD AND CROWNING 2017 WITH BLESSINGS Psalm 65 FOR MORE INFO CALL +]26461240539. Remain Blessed in Jesus mighty name Amen Pls forward

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