Gospel Song

It pays to serve Jesus, I speak from my heart,
He’ll always be with us, if we do our part
There’s naught in this wide world can pleasure afford;
There’s peace and contentment in serving the Lord.

I love Him far better than in days of youth
I’ll serve Him more truly than ever before,
I’ll do as He bids me, whatever the cost,
I’ll be a true soldier, I’ll die at my post.

And oft when I’m tempted to turn from the track,
I think of my Saviour, my mind wanders back
To the place where they nailed Him on Calvary’s tree.
I heard a voice saying, “I suffered for thee.”

A place I remember where I was set free,
‘Twas where I found pardon, a heaven to me.
There Jesus spoke sweetly to my weary soul,
My sins were forgiven, He made my heart whole.

How rich is the blessing the world cannot give,
I’m satisfied fully for Jesus to live

Though friends  may forsake me and trials arise

I am trusting jesus, his love never dies


There is no one like Jesus can cheer me today.

His love and His kindness can ne’er fade away,

In winter and summer, in sunshine and rain,

His love and affection are always the same.


Will you have this blessing that Jesus bestows,

A free full salvation from sin’s bitter throes?

O come to the Saviour, to Calvary flee,

The fountain is opened, is flowing for thee

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