Deliverance Services from today 01 – 03 November 2016

Shalom Everyone, The Holy Spirit is welcoming you to all 3 days of personal prophetic healing and deliverance services from today 01 – 03 November 2016 at 6pm – 9pm daily. Spirit spouses, sicknesses, afflictions and hidden curses will all be exposed and destroyed by the power of the Holy Spirit. David says “BRING MY SOUL OUT OF PRISON THAT I MAY PRAISE THY NAME……. P142:7 God has opened the heavens over us in CLMI. Come and be the next to give one of those powerful testimonies you heard on Sunday. This is our year of jubilee. Our year of full laughter and singing. The Lord is waiting for you to come and claim your full scale break through and joy before the year ends. Please pass this on and invite someone too.

Blessings Bishop Arowolo

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