Esau’s Loss – 24/02/2016

  • Momentary satisfaction
  • Household wickedness
  • Counterfeited by brother
  • Spirit of Delay- as soon as Jacob left he came
  • Delay blessing – miracle
  • On time blessing is favour
  • God says he will overturn, overturn & give
  • Delay is real demand
  • David says oh God deliver me speedily lest i die
  • Momentary satisfaction -out
  • House hold wickedness -out
  • Counterfeit spirit -out
  • Spirit of delay -out
  • Esau’s father said it shall come to pass when you have dominion
  • Psalms 8  gives us dominion
  • Jesus gave dominion to his disciples
  • He took the keys of death and hell from satan and gave
  • God says have dominion over………….
  • God says the kingdom of God suffereth
  • Esau was told when you shall be restless
  • He locked Himself up and went into tongues and spirited battle
  • You must be restless, you must  have dominion, you cannot be comfortable with that top situation, be restless pray
  • Esau overcame the situation
  • I see breakthroughs
  • I see fruitfulness
  • I see deliverance
  • Jacob took the blessings, all the wealth of Laban was his own
  • While he was coming he thought Esau was poor
  • He gathered property, servants etc. to give to Esau
  • Genesis 33: 1-9, “Esau said I have enough my brother”
  • You took but
  • Jacob had to pray and pray or he would have been killed
  • Thou prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies
  • Dominion to recover
  • I look it before, but I have receive more than enough

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