• We must celebrate the prayer answering  God specifies in Psalms 103, Psalms 65:2, 67:7-12
  • We must be specific when we pray
  • Prayer for supernatural church growth
  • Special impact and supernatural church growth
  • Special impact and supernatural church growth
  • Impact us with
  • Empowerment of our prayer lives
  • Soul winning outreach for maximum impact-resulting in supernatural harvest of souls and multiplication
  • We shall increase by God’s grace, we shall not be small, we shall not be few
  • He that giveth thanks in the Spirit doeth it well, thank Him in the Spirit, speaking in tongues
  • Esau was counterfeited, His glory was changed, Esau was counterfeited by Jacob- Jacob took his image
  • Spirit of delay also attacked him as soon as Jacob went out from His Father’s presence, Esau came in
  • He did not find the animal on time
  • Something kept him from cooking it on time
  • Maybe the same thing told him to rest for a while before going to His Father
  • How are you attacked by Spirit of delay?
  • Late marriage? Barrenness? Late financial breakthroughs
  • Delay is dangerous – Age 20-27 you should be married
  • From 27-35 you need divine favour
  • From 45 – ………. You are own your own
  • David prays for speedy deliverance Psalms 70
  • Daniel says oh Lord answer quickly
  • Reason with God and pray specific prayers
  • Tell Him why He must break the yoke of delay
  • Stop postponing your salvation and deliverance
  • Pray for divine acceleration
  • Esau was delayed and begged with tears even for just a blessing
  • The father said no, but one day when you repent and pray, you will be delivered and have dominion
  • You shall  break this yoke off your neck when you become restless
  • When you’ve had enough and you start to pray hard
  • At first Esau got angry and vowed to kill Jacob for cheating him twice
  • But he was told to overthrow the yoke, not kill his brother , then Jacob escaped
  • Whatever they took from you, whatever, whatever, is causing the delay
  • The Bible says you can have it back
  • Isaac says when you shall have dominion you can have it back
  • But you have authority in Christ, what are you waiting for?
  • Psalms 8:6-8 say

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